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IEEE Computers Volume: 41  Issue: 6   Date: June 2008

Table Of Contents

Front Cover ,Page(s): c1-c1

Microsoft Research Ad Page(s): c2-c2

Computer Masthead Page(s): 1-1

Table of Contents Page(s): 2-3

Article Summaries Page(s): 4-4

COMPSAC ad Page(s): 5-5

Letters to the Editor Page(s): 6-7

The Theosophists' Bathroom Grier, David Alan Page(s): 8-10

32 & 16 Years Ago Page(s): 11-12

Developing Software Online With Platform-as-a-Service Technology Lawton, George Page(s): 13-15

Mobile WiMax: The Next Wireless Battle Ground Vaughan-Nichols, Steven J. Page(s): 16-18

A New Wi-Fi for Peer-to-Peer Communications Paulson, Linda Dailey Page(s): 19-21

Information and Communication Technologies for Development Toyama, Kentaro; Dias, M. Bernardine Page(s): 22-25

ICT4D 2.0: The Next Phase of Applying ICT for International Development Heeks, Richard. Page(s): 26-33

Stages of Design in Technology for Global Development Donner, Jonathan; Gandhi, Rikin; Javid, Paul; Medhi, Page(s): 34-41

Toward Empowered Design Marsden, Gary. Page(s): 42-46

Awards Call Page(s): 47-47

Deploying a Rural Wireless Telemedicine System: Experiences in Sustainability
Surana, Sonesh; Patra, Rabin; Nedevschi, Sergiu; Brewer, Eric. Page(s): 48-56

ISADS Ad Page(s): 57-57

ICT Research Experience Breitman, Karin; Hinchey, Mike. Page(s): 58-58

Grand Research Challenges in Computer Science in Brazil Medeiros, Claudia Bauzer. Page(s): 59-65

Engineering the Irish Software Tiger Ryan, Kevin. Page(s): 66-71

Society Launches Computing Now Site Ward, Bob. Page(s): 77-79

Call and Calendar Ward, Bob. Page(s): 80-82

Bookshelf Page(s): 83-83

CS Membership Forms Page(s): 84-86

Adaptation in Digital Games Magerko, Brian. Page(s): 87-89
The Technology Behind HomePlug AV Powerline Communications Hazen, Mark E. Page(s): 90-92

Hot Chips Ad Page(s): 93-93

Into the Wild: Low-Cost Ubicomp Prototype Testing Li, Yangi; Landay, James A. Page(s): 94-97

Bridging the Software Architecture Gap Lindvall, Mikael; Muthig, Dirk. Page(s): 98-101

ICDCS Ad Page(s): 102-102

Key-Management Infrastructure for Protecting Stored Data Martin, Luther. Page(s): 103-104

CS Info Page Page(s): 105-105

Mobile Devices in an Introductory Programming Course Mahmoud, Qusay H.; Dyer, Allan. Page(s): 108-107

CSDL Ad Page(s): c3-c3

IPDPS Ad Page(s): c4-c4