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IEEE Computer Volume: 41  Issue: 7   Date: July 2008

Table Of Contents

Front Cover Page(s): c1-c1

Microsoft Research Ad Page(s): c2-c2

Masthead Page(s): 1-1

Table of ContentsPage(s): 2-3

Article SummariesPage(s): 4-4

Harry and Georgie Grier, David Alan. Page(s): 5-8

32 & 16 Years Ago Page(s): 9-10

Application Awareness Makes Storage More Useful Leavitt, Neal. Page(s): 11-13

The Wireless Industry Begins to Embrace Femtocells Ortiz Jr., Sixto. Page(s): 14-17

News Briefs Paulson, Linda Dailey. Page(s): 18-20

CS Info Page Page(s): 21-21

In Praise of Scripting: Real Programming Pragmatism Loui, Ronald P. Page(s): 22-26

Efficient Embedded Computing Dally, William J.; Balfour, James; Black-Shaffer, Page(s): 27-32

Amdahl's Law in the Multicore Era Hill, Mark D.; Marty, Michael R. Page(s): 33-38

Computing Now Ad Page(s): 39-39

Warp Processing: Dynamic Translation of Binaries to FPGA Circuits Vahid, Frank; Stitt, Greg; Lysecky,. Page(s): 40-46

Automating Postsilicon Debugging and Repair Chang, Kai-Hui; Markov, Igor L.; Bertacco, Valeria. Page(s): 47-54

CSDP Ad Page(s): 55-55

SIISAM: A Model for Secure Inhomogeneous Information Systems Wang, Kun; Yin, Zhonghai; Zhou,  Page(s): 56-61

Career Opportunities Page(s): 62-64

Computer Society Connection Ward, Bob. Page(s): 65-71

Call and Calendar Ward, Bob. Page(s): 72-75

CS Membership Forms Page(s): 76-78

Bookshelf Page(s): 79-79

Contracts as Trust Substitutes in Collaborative Business Arenas, Alvaro; Wilson, Michael. Page(s): 80-83

HandTalk: Assistive Technology for the Deaf Sarji, David K. Page(s): 84-86

CS Jobs Board Ad Page(s): 87-87

Innovative Standards for Innovative Software Kelly, Diane. Page(s): 88-89

Computer Call for Papers Page(s): 90-90

Making Ethics Easier Mathieson, Kieran. Page(s): 91-93

No More Reply-to-All Rutkowski, Anne-Françoise; Genuchten, Michiel van. Page(s): 96-95

VGTC Ad Page(s): c3-c3
Seapine Ad Page(s): c4-c4