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IEEE Computer April 2008 (Vol. 41, No. 4) ISSN: 0018-9162  

Table Of Contents

Article Summaries  p. 4
Letters to the Editor  pp. 5-6
The Known World
Thinking Locally, Acting Globally David Alan Grier, George PP.7-10
Celebrating the Past
32 & 16  pp. 11-12
Industry Trends
The Move to Make Social Data Portable Karen Hayman, Santa Monica,  pp. 13-15
Technology News
Proponents Try to Rehabilitate Peer-to-Peer Technology Sixto Ortiz Jr., Spring,pp. 16-19
E-Paper Soon To Be in Living Color  Linda Dailey Paulson, Ventura, pp. 20-22

Computing Practices
Using String Matching for Deep Packet Inspection
Po-Ching Lin, National Chiao Tung University ,pp. 23-28
Guest Editors' Introduction
Data-Intensive Computing in the 21st Century
Ian Gorton, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory pp. 30-32
Cover Feature
Quantitative Retrieval of Geophysical Parameters Using Satellite Data
Yong Xue, State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science  Science pp. 33-40

Cover Feature
Accelerating Real-Time String Searching with Multicore Processors
Oreste Villa, Politecnico di Milano pp. 42-50
Cover Feature
Analysis and Semantic Querying in Large Biomedical Image Datasets
Vijay S. Kumar, Ohio State University pp. 52-59

Hardware Technologies for High-Performance Data-Intensive Computing
Maya Gokhale, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory pp. 60-68

ProDA: An End-to-End Wavelet-Based OLAP System for Massive Datasets
Cyrus Shahabi, University of Southern California pp. 69-77

Classified Ads
Classified Ads (PDF) pp. 82-85

Bookshelf  p. 86
Computer Society Connection
Computer Science Enrollments Drop Bob Ward, IEEE Computer Society pp. 87-89
Call and Calendar
Call and Calendar  Bob Ward, IEEE Computer Society pp. 90-92
Software Technologies
Dynamic Software Product Lines  Svein Hallsteinsen, SINTEF ICT pp. 93-95
How Things Work
Remote Medical Monitoring  Andrew D. Jurik, University of Virginia pp. 96-99
Entertainment Computing
Massive Media Shift  ,Michael van Lent, Soar Technology pp. 100-101
Invisible Computing
Activity Recognition for the Digital Home  Jeonghwa Yang, pp. 102-104
The Profession
The $100,000 Keying Error  ,Kai A. Olsen,  pp. 108, 106-107