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IEEE Computing Science and EngineeringMay/June 2008 (Vol. 10, No. 3) ISSN: 1521-9615


Table Of Contents

The First Word
Back to the Future? Norman Chonacky, Yale Universitypp. 3-4

At Issue
Those Who Will Not Learn From History... Greg Wilson, University of Torontopp. 5-6

Café Dubois
Brain Cancer May Be the Least of Our Worries  Paul F. Dubois,  Editor pp. 7-8

Guest Editors' Introduction
Computational Provenance  Cláudio T. Silva, University of Utah pp. 9-10

Computational Provenance

Provenance for Computational Tasks: A Survey  Juliana Freire, pp. 11-21

Provenance in High-Energy Physics Workflows Andrew Dolgert, Cornell  pp. 22-29

Provenance in Comparative Analysis: A Study in Cosmology Erik W. Anderson, University of Utah pp. 30-37

Provenance: The Bridge Between Experiments and Data Simon Miles, King's College London pp. 38-46

Problem-Solving Methods for Understanding Process Executions Jose Manuel Gómez-Pérez, iSOCO pp. 47-52

Visualization Corner
Scientific Exploration in the Era of Ocean Observatories António Baptista, pp. 53-58

Why Computer Architecture Matters   Cosmin Pancratov,  pp. 59-63
How Do Nerve Cells Compute? Javier E. Hasbun, University of West Georgia  pp. 64-65

Computer Simulations
Numerical Simulation of Wave Propagation, Part I: Sequential Computing Muhammad Sahimi pp. 66-75

Scientific Programming
A Stroll through Domain-Driven Development with Naked Objects Konstantin Läufer, Loyola University Chicago pp. 76-83

The PlayStation 3 for High-Performance Scientific Computing Jakub Kurzak, pp. 84-87

The Last Word
I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud Francis Sullivan, IDA/Center for Computing Sciences  p. 88