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IEEE Computing Science and Engineering Volume: 10  Issue: 4   Date: July-Aug. 2008


Table Of Contents

Front Cover , Page(s): c1-c1

Physics Today House Advertisement Page(s): c2-c2

Table of Contents Page(s): 1-2

Ten Years and Counting… Chonacky, Norman. Page(s): 3-3

Medical Software has Astronomers Seeing Stars Gorder, Pam Frost. Page(s): 4-9

Multiscale Simulation of Nanobiological Flows Fyta, Maria; Melchionna, Simone; Kaxiras, Page(s): 10-19

An Integrated Exploration Approach to Visualizing Multivariate Particle Data
Jones, Chad; Ma, Kwan-Liu; Ethier, Stéphane; Lee, Wei-Li. Page(s): 20-29

Efficient and Stable Simulation of Cloth Undergoing Large Rotations
Zhou, Chuan; Jin, Xiaogang; Wang, Charlie C.L. Page(s): 30-40

Automatic Generation of Matlab Functions Using Mathematica and Thermath
Macedo, Raquel S.; Alfradique, Marcelo F.; Castier, Marcelo. Page(s): 41-49

An Integrated Virtual and Remote Control Lab: The Three-Tank System as a Case Study
Duro, Natividad; Dormido, Raquel; Vargas, Héctor; Dormido-Canto, Sebastián; Page(s): 50-59

Measuring High-Performance Computing with Real Applications
Sayeed, Mohamed; Bae, Hansang; Zheng, Yili; Page(s): 60-70

Why Computer Architecture Matters: Memory Access Pancratov, Cosmin; Kurzer, Jacob M.; Page(s): 71-75

Numerical Simulation of Wave Propagation, Part II: Parallel Computing
Sahimi, Muhammad; Allaei, S. Mehdi Vaez. Page(s): 76-83

Where Is My Digital Holographic Display? Tohline, Joel E. Page(s): 84-85

Exposing Fortran Derived Types to C and Other Languages Pletzer, Alexander; McCune, Douglas; Page(s): 86-92

Goodbye to All That Dubois, Paul F. Page(s): 93-95

From First Principles--Gauging the Web's Impact on Scientific Journals Day, Charles. Page(s): 96-96

CiSE Editorial Calendar Page(s): c3-c3

Computing Now House Advertisement Page(s): c4-c4