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IEEE Computing Science and Engineering (January/February) (Vol. 10 No. 1) ISSN: 1521-9615


Table Of Contents

Where in this World Are You? Norman Chonacky ,pp. 3-6

A Unique Textbook for Teaching Courses in Bioinformatics Robert G. Gregerson,pp. 7-8
SDSS Science Archive

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey: Drinking from the Fire Hose Ani R. Thakar pp. 9-12

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Archive Server Eric H. Neilsen Jr.pp. 13-17

CasJobs and MyDB: A Batch Query Workbench Nolan Li, Johns pp. 18-29

The Catalog Archive Server Database Management System Ani R. Thakar,pp. 30-37

The sqlLoader Data-Loading Pipeline Alex Szalay,pp. 38-48
New Directions

Freestyle Data Fitting and Global Temperatures Barend J. Thijsse, pp. 49-59

A Generic Approach to Electronic Structure Calculations in Nanoscopic Systems
Jordan Kyriakidis,pp. 60-69

Café Dubois
Sprinting Ain’t Easy Paul F. Dubois pp. 70-71

Computer Simulations
Spin Dynamics: An Atomistic Simulation Tool for Magnetic Systems
Shan-Ho Tsai, University of Georgia, Athens David P. Landau, pp. 72-79

Scientific Programming
Python and XML for Agile Scientific Computing Michele Vallisneri, pp. 80-87

Visualization Corner
Direct Volume Rendering: A 3D Plotting Technique for Scientific Data
Steven P. Callahan, pp. 88-92

Preparing Graduate Students for Interdisciplinary Careers Matthias K.pp. 93-95
The Last Word

Curb Your Enthusiasm  Francis Sullivan Pp. 96