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IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications September/October 2008 (Vol. 28, No. 5) ISSN: 0272-1716


Table of Contents

Back to Digital Crayons Gary Singh pp. 4-5

Bert Herzog, 1929–2008: Remembrances and Recollections pp. 6-9

Bringing VR and Spatial 3D Interaction to the Masses through Video Games
Joseph J. LaViola Jr., University of Central Florida pp. 10-15

A Prototype for Cartographic Human Body Analysis Elizabeth Carvalho, pp. 16-21

Visualization Research is Growing and Expanding Kwan-Liu Ma, pp. 22-23

Visualizing Transport Structures of Time-Dependent Flow Fields Kuangyu Shi, pp. 24-36

Seeing the Difference between Cosmological Simulations Steve Harozpp. 37-45

Event Tunnel: Exploring Event-Driven Business Processes Martin Suntinger, pp. 46-55

Map Warping for the Annotation of Metro Maps Joachim Böttger, pp. 56-65

Dynamic Shader Generation for GPU-Based Multi-Volume Ray Casting
Friedemann Rößler, Universität Stuttgartpp. 66-77

The Need for Verifiable Visualization Robert M. Kirby, pp. 78-83

Analyses Using VR/AR VisualizationDieter Weidlich, pp. 84-86

Tools and Products  Ed Zintelpp. 87-88