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IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications March/April 2008 (Vol. 28, No. 2) ,ISSN: 0272-1716


Table of Contents

About the Cover
Artificial Evolution
Gary Singh, Freelance Writer ,pp. 4-5

Visualization Viewpoints
Toward a Perceptual Theory of Flow Visualization
Colin Ware, University of New Hampshire ,pp. 6-11

Evaluating Visual Analytics at the 2007 VAST Symposium Contest Catherine Plaisant,  pp. 12-21

Guest Editors' Introduction
Computational Aesthetics
Bruce Gooch ,p. 23

Computational Aesthetics
Informational Aesthetics Measures
Jaume Rigau,  pp. 24-34

Nondissipative Marbling
Jiayi Xu, , pp. 35-43

Viewpoint-Based Ambient Occlusion
Francisco González , pp. 44-51

Automatic Mood-Transferring between Color Images
Chuan-Kai Yang,  pp. 52-61

Measuring Stipple Aesthetics in Hand-Drawn and Computer-Generated Images
Ross Maciejewski, pp. 62-74

Feature Article
Representing Rotations and Orientations in Geometric Computing
Jehee Lee, Seoul National University ,pp. 75-83

Automatic High-Dynamic Range Image Generation for Dynamic Scenes
Katrien Jacobs,  pp. 84-93

Projects in VR
Future Standards for Immersive VR: Report on the IEEE Virtual Reality 2007 Workshop
Nicholas F. Polys, pp. 94-99

Graphically Speaking
Unlocking Human Potential through Technical Innovation
Elizabeth Mynatt, pp. 104, 100-103