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IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications Volume: 28  Issue: 4   Date: July-Aug. 2008


Table of Contents

Front Cover Page(s): c1-c1

Siggraph 2008 advertisement Page(s): c2-c2

Masthead Page(s): 1-1

Table of Contents Page(s): 2-3

Expression through Art Singh, Gary. Page(s): 4-5

Virtual Control Desks for Nuclear Power Plant Simulation: Improving Operator Training
Aghina, Maurício Alves C.; Mól, Antônio Carlos A.; Jorge, Page(s): 6-9

VisWeek 08 advertisement Page(s): 10-10

Overcoming the Uncanny Valley Geller, Tom. Page(s): 11-17

Mobile Graphics Pulli, Kari; Klemmer, Scott. Page(s): 18-19

Mobile 3D City Maps Nurminen, Antti. Page(s): 20-31

Positioning and Orientation in Indoor Environments Using Camera Phones  Hile, Harlan; Borriello, Gaetano. Page(s): 32-39

Toward Next-Gen Mobile AR Games Broll, Wolfgang; Lindt, Irma; Herbst, Iris. Page(s): 40-48

Call for Papers and Computer Society information Page(s): 49-49

Extensible GUIs for Remote Application Control on Mobile Devices Lamberti, Fabrizio; Sanna, Andrea. Page(s): 50-57

3D Elastic Control for Mobile Devices Hachet, Martin; Pouderoux, Joachim; Page(s): 58-62

GRAAL: A Framework for Low-Power 3D Graphics Accelerators
Juurlink, Ben; Antochi, Iosif; Crisu, Dan; Cotofana, Sorin; Page(s): 63-73

The State of the Art in Mobile Graphics Research Capin, Tolga; Pulli, Kari; Akenine-Möller, Page(s): 74-84

Interactive Fur Shaping and Rendering Using Nonuniform-Layered Textures
Yang, Gang; Sun, Hanqiu; Wu, Enhua; Wang, Lifeng. Page(s): 85-93

Computer Society Membership advertisement Page(s): 94-96

CSDP House Advertisement Page(s): 97-97

Mobile Phone-Enabled Museum Guidance with Adaptive Classification
Bruns, Erich; Brombach, Benjamin; Bimber, Oliver. Page(s): 98-102

Tools and Products Zintel, Ed. Page(s): 103-104

CEIViz '08 advertisement Page(s): c3-c3