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IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications January/February 2008 (Vol. 28, No. 1), ISSN: 0272-1716


Table of Contents

From Chemicals to Creation Gary Singh, Freelance Writer pp. 4-5

Special Thanks to CG&A Reviewers Special Thanks to CG&A's Reviewers pp. 6-9

From the Editor
Welcome, and Beyond Maureen Stone, StoneSoup Consulting  pp. 10-11

Digital Games Target Social Change Keri Schreiner, Freelance Writer pp. 12-17

Visualization Viewpoints
An Information-Theoretic View of Visual Analytics  Chaomei Chen, Drexel pp. 18-23

Feature Articles
Mobrex: Visualizing Users' Mobile Browsing Behaviors  Stefano Burigat,pp. 24-32

Subsurface Texture Mapping Guillaume François, pp. 34-42

Virtual Inspector: A Flexible Visualizer for Dense 3D Scanned Models Marco Callieri, p. 44-54

ScrewBender: Smoothing Piecewise Helical Motions Alexander Powell,pp. 56-63

Virtual Classroom Extension for Effective Distance Education Radu Dondera, pp. 64-74

Projects in VR
Cooking Up an Interactive Olfactory Game Display Takamichi Nakamoto, pp. 75-78

Tools and Products
Tools and Products  David J. Kasik, The Boeing Company pp. 79-80