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IEEE Computional Intelligence Magazine Volume: 3  Issue: 3   Date: Jul-Sep 2008


Table of Contents

IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine - Aug. 2008, Page(s): c1-c2

2009 IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Awards, Page(s): c3-c2

Fuzzy Intelligence [Editor's Remarks]
Yen, G.G., Page(s): 2-10

Let the Games Begin [President's Message] Fogel, D.B., Page(s): 3-3

Interview with Teuvo Kohonen, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland [Career Profile]
Page(s): 4-5

Ottawa Chapter Report [Family Corner], Page(s): 6-10

Book Review He, H., Page(s): 8-10

Toward Human Level Machine Intelligence - Is It Achievable? The Need for a Paradigm Shift
Zadeh, L.A., Page(s): 11-22

Evolving Intelligence in Humans and Machines: Integrative Evolving Connectionist Systems Approach
Kasabov, N., Page(s): 23-37

Biomimicry and Fuzzy Modeling: A Match Made in Heaven
Margaliot, M., Page(s): 38-48

Hypernetworks: A Molecular Evolutionary Architecture for Cognitive Learning and Memory
Zhang, B.-T., Page(s): 49-63

Conference Calendar, Page(s): 64-64