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IEEE Computional Intelligence Magazine Volume: 3  Issue: 1   Date: Jan-Mar 2008


Table of Contents

IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine
Page(s): c1-c1

An everlasting tribute [Editor's Remarks]
Yen, G.G. , Page(s): 2-2

Looking forward [President's Message]
Fogel, D.B.
Page(s): 3-3

2008 CIS Awards [Society Briefs]
Rusipini, E. , Page(s): 4-7

Interview with President of CIS, 2008-2009 - David B. Fogel [Career Profile]
Page(s): 8-9

Toronto Chapter Report [Family Corner]
Di Stefano, B.N. , Page(s): 10-11

Evolving intelligent agents: A 50 year quest
De Jong, K.A. , Page(s): 12-17

Computing with the social fabric: The evolution of social intelligence within a cultural framework Reynolds, R.G.; Ali, M. , Page(s): 18-30

Evolving artificial neural network ensembles
Yao, X.; Islam, M.M. , Page(s): 31-42

Multi-objective evolutionary generation process for specific personalities of artificial creature Jong-Hwan Kim; Chi-Ho Lee , Page(s): 43-53

Machine intelligence, adaptive business intelligence, and natural intelligence [Research Frontier] Michalewicz, Z.; Michalewicz, M. , Page(s): 54-63

Evolutionary algorithms for real world applications [Application Notes]
Back, T.; Emmerich, M.; Shir, O.M.
Page(s): 64-67

In Memoriam - Dr. Lawrence J. Fogel

Piuri, V. , Page(s): 68-69

In Memoriam - Reflections on Larry Fogel at Decision Science, Inc. (1965¿1982)
Burgin, G. , Page(s): 69-72

In Memoriam - Reflections on Larry Fogel at The Titan Corporation (1982¿1988)
Ray, G.W. , Page(s): 72-73

In Memoriam - Reflections on Larry Fogel at ORINCON Corporation (1988¿1993)
Rickard, T. , Page(s): 73-74

In Memoriam - Reflections on Larry Fogel at Natural Selection, Inc. (1993¿2007)
Porto, B. , Page(s): 74-76

In Memoriam - Reflections on Larry Fogel's Contributions to Computational Intelligence (1966¿2007) Atmar, W. , Page(s): 76-77

2007 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (CIBCB 2007) [Conference Reports] Volkert, L.G., Page(s): 78-79

2007 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Games (CIG 2007) [Conference Reports] Lucas, S.M. , Page(s): 79-80

2007 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems (FUZZ-IEEE 2007) [Conference Reports]
Shen, Q. , Page(s): 80-82

2007 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN 2007) [Conference Reports]
Si, J. , Page(s): 82-83

Student connection [Member's Inquiry]
Page(s): 84-85

Conference calendar

Page(s): 86-86

IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine Paper Submission Guidelines and Information for Authors
Page(s): 87-87

Call for Papers: IEEE CIBCB 2008
Page(s): c3-c3