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IEEE Computional Intelligence Magazine Volume: 3  Issue: 2   Date: Apr-Jun 2008


Table of Contents

IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine - May 2008
Page(s): c1-c1

CI-based Cyber Security applications [Editor's Remarks]
Yen, G.G. , Page(s): 2-2

Our continuing focus on education [President's Message]
Fogel, D.B. , Page(s): 3-3

IEEE Frank Rosenblatt Technical Field Award [Society Briefs]
Page(s): 4-5

IEEE Fellows-Class of 2008 [Society Briefs]
Bezdek, J. , Page(s): 5-9

Newly elected AdCom Members-Class of 2010 [Society Briefs]
Zurada, J. , Page(s): 9-11

Interview with Jim Bezdek, University of West Florida, USA [Career Profile]

Page(s): 12-14

Interview with Tim Havens, University of Missouri, USA [Focus on Students]

Page(s): 15-16

2008 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence - Call for Participations
Page(s): 17-17

Hong Kong Chapter Report [Family Corner]
Yiu-ming Cheung; Chau, M. , Page(s): 18-20

Special issue on computational intelligence in cyber security [Preface]
Dasgupta, D. , Page(s): 21-21

Immunocomputing for intelligent intrusion detection
Tarakanov, A.O. , Page(s): 22-30

Privacy-preserving collaborative data mining
Zhan, J. , Page(s): 31-41

On the use of recurrent neural networks to design symmetric ciphers
Arvandi, M.; Wu, S.; Sadeghian, A. , Page(s): 42-53

Design of block ciphers by simple chaotic functions
Chung-Ming Ou , Page(s): 54-59

Everything that is not important: Negative databases [Research Frontier]
Esponda, F. , Page(s): 60-63

Integrating trust into the CyberCraft Initiative via the Trust Vectors model [Application Notes] Stevens, M.; Williams, P.D.; Peterson, G.L.; Kurkowski ,Page(s): 65-68

Review of "Enhancing Computer Security with Smart Technology" [Book Review]
Dasgupta, D.; Ferebee, D. , Page(s): 70-71

CEC 2007 Conference Report [Conference Reports]
Tan, K.C. , Page(s): 72-73

2007 IEEE International Conference on Granular Computing [Conference Reports]

Lin, T. , Page(s): 74-74

Call for Papers - a special issue of Computational Intelligence Magazine on Computational Intelligence, Page(s): 75-75

Application-specific publications [Member's Inquiry]
Page(s): 76-77

Conference Calendar [2008-2009]
Page(s): 78-78