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IEEE Communication Magazine Volume: 46  Issue: 9   Date: Sep 2008


Table Of Contents

IEEE Communications Magazine Page(s): C1-C1
Strategic planning: shaping an uncertain future Zuckerman, D.; Personick, S. Page(s): 6-10

Joseph L. Locicero September 18, 1947 - July 19, 2008 Ucci, D.R.. Page(s): 12-14

The ongoing need for volunteers Frantz, R. Page(s): 16-16
Book reviews Jajszczyk, A.; Maderak, K.; Niemiec, M. Page(s): 18-20

Global newsletter - highlights from NOMS 2008: pervasive management for ubiquitous networks and services Nogueira, J.M.; Ulema, M.; Brunner, M.; Westphall, C.B. Page(s): 25-30

Conference calendar Page(s): 32-32

Product spotlights Page(s): 34-34

Economy microwave spectrum analyzers Page(s): 36-40

A history of transatlantic cables Schwartz, M.; Hayes, J. Page(s): 42-48

Radio communications: components, systems and networks
Evans, J.B.; Zvonar, Z. Page(s): 50-50

Issues and trends in RF and mixed signal integration and partitioning
Robertson, D.; Montalvo, T. Page(s): 52-56

Femtocell networks: a survey  Chandrasekhar, V.; Andrews, J.; Gatherer, A. Page(s): 59-67

Evolution and standardization of the smart antenna system for software defined radio

Seungheon Hyeon; Kim, J.; Seungwon Choi Page(s): 68-74

On TCP performance enhancing proxies in a wireless environment
Ivanovich, M.; Bickerdike, P.; Li, J. Page(s): 76-83

Carrier scale Ethernet
Mcguire, A.; Parsons, G.; Hunter, D. Page(s): 84-86

Ethernet as a carrier grade technology: developments and innovations
Sanchez, R.; Raptis, L.; Vaxevanakis, K. Page(s): 88-94

Carrier Ethernet Reid, A.; Willis, P.; Hawkins, I.; Bilton, C. Page(s): 96-103

Scaling provider ethernet Bottorff, P.; Saltsidis, P. Page(s): 104-109

Provider link state bridging Allan, D.; Ashwood-Smith, P.; Bragg, N.; Fedyk, D. Page(s): 110-117

GMPLS controlled ethernet: an emerging packet-oriented transport technology
Takacs, A.; Green, H.; Tremblay, B. Page(s): 118-124

Synchronous ethernet: a method to transport synchronization Ferrant, J.-L.; Gilson, M.; Jobert, S.; Mayer, M.; Ouellette, M.; Montini, L.; Rodrigues, S.; Ruffini, S. Page(s): 126-134

Ethernet ring protection for carrier ethernet networks
Jeong-dong Ryoo; Hao Long; Yang Yang; Holness, M.; Ahmad, Z.; Rhee, J. Page(s): 136-143

Integrated circuits for communications
Chien, C.; Goodman, J.; Molloy, S. Page(s): 144-145

Transmitter development for cellular integrated circuits Hasan, S.; Castaneda, J.; Kim, J.; Tran, H.; Kilcoyne, P.; Chen, R.; Lee, B.; Zhao, B.; Ibrahim, B.; Rofougaran, M.; Rofougaran, A. Page(s): 146-152

Deep submicron CMOS technology enables system-on-chip for wireless communications ICs
Hammes, M.; Kranz, C.; Seippel, D. Page(s): 154-161

Integrated true-time-delay-based ultra-wideband array processing
Hashemi, H.; Ta-shun Chu; Roderick, J. Page(s): 162-172

A cross-layer architecture for signaling in multihop cellular networks
Chunyan Fu; Glitho, R.; Khendek, F. Page(s): 174-182

Interworking of WLAN-UMTS networks: an IMS-based platform for session mobility

Munasinghe, K.; Jamalipour, A. Page(s): 184-191

Advertisers' index Page(s): 192-192