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IEEE Communication Magazine Volume: 46  Issue: 10   Date: Oct 2008


Table Of Contents

COMSOC's chief information officer-technology serving the society
Zuckerman, D.; Freeman, H.A.; Miller, R.W.; Jindal, B.; Yano, K.; Page(s): 6-10

MILCOM 2008: 'Assuring mission success Page(s): 12-12

Book reviews Jajszczyk, A.; Janukowicz, D.; Cholda, P. Page(s): 14-20

Conference calendar Page(s): 18-20

New products Page(s): 22-24

Mobile WiMAX: a technology update
Etemad, K.; Lai, M. Page(s): 26-28

Overview of mobile WiMAX technology and evolution Etemad, K. Page(s): 31-40

Mobile WiMAX systems: performance and evolution Wang, F.; Ghosh, A.; Sankaran, C.; Fleming, P.J.; Hsieh, F.; Benes, S.J. Page(s): 41-49

Improved VoIP capacity in mobile WiMAX systems using persistent resource allocation
Mo-Han Fong; Novak, R.; Mcbeath, S.; Srinivasan, R. Page(s): 50-57

WiMAX femtocells: a perspective on network architecture, capacity, and coverage
Shu-ping Yeh; Shilpa Talwar; Seong-Choon Lee; Heechang Kim Page(s): 58-65

Integration of the IMS/PCC framework into the mobile WiMAX network
Cherian, S.S.; Feder, P.; Sadeghi, B.; Wisenocker, R. Page(s): 66-73

Seamless integration of mobile WiMAX in 3GPP networks

Taaghol, P.; Salkintzis, A.K.; Iyer, J. Page(s): 74-85

Ethernet services over mobile WiMAX Riegel, M. Page(s): 86-93

ITU-T international standards in information and communications technologies
Maeda, Y.; Asatani, K. Page(s): 94-95

ITU-T in 2008: empowering global ICT development Johnson, M. Page(s): 96-99

The working methods and basic rules of standardization in the standardization sector of the international telecommunication union: ITU-T Johnson, T.; Rosa, P. Page(s): 100-107

ITU-T initiatives on climate change
Kelly, T.; Adolph, M. Page(s): 108-114

ITU-T G.722.1 annex C: the first ITU-T superwideband audio coder
Lamblin, C.; Quinquis, C.; Usai, P.
Page(s): 116-122

Optical transport network evolution: hot standardization topics in ITU-T including standards coordination aspects Bonaventura, G.; Jones, G.; Trowbridge, S. Page(s): 124-131

Bridging the standardization Gap to provide QoS in current NGN architectures

Callejo-Rodriguez, M.A.; Enriquez-Gabeiras, J. Page(s): 132-137

Topics in network and service management Pavlou, G.; Pras, A. Page(s): 138-139

Advanced network monitoring brings life to the awareness plane Kind, A.; Dimitropoulos, X.; Denazis, S.; Claise, B. Page(s): 140-146

Business-driven IT management - upping the ante of IT : exploring the linkage between it and business to improve both IT and business results
Moura, A.; Sauve, J.; Bartolini, C. Page(s): 148-153

Measurement of download and play and streaming IPTV traffic

Young J. Won; James Won-Ki Hong; Mi-Jung Choi; Chan-Kyu Hwang; Jae-Hyoung Yoo Page(s): 154-161

Challenges and opportunities in managing maritime networks  Kidston, D.; Kunz, T. Page(s): 162-168

Advertisers' index Page(s): 176-176