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IEEE Communication Magazine Volume: 46  Issue: 5   Date: May 2008


Table Of Contents

IEEE Communications Magazine , Page(s): c1-c1

The Presiden'ts Page - Member Relations: Touching The World  Zuckerman, D.; Lee, B.G. , Page(s): 6-8

Society News Benedetto, S.; Bhargava, V. , Page(s): 10-18

History of communications - The origins of carrier multiplexing: Major George Owen Squier and AT&T
Schwartz, M.; Batchelor, C. , Page(s): 20-24

Certification corner - Preparing for the WCET Certification Examination
Frantz, R. , Page(s): 26-26

Conference Calendar
, Page(s): 28-30

Book Reviews Jajszczyk, A. , Page(s): 32-180

OFC/NFOEC Product Roundup , Page(s): 36-38

Product Spotlights , Page(s): 39-39

Global IEEE Communications Magazine Newsletter
Correia, L.; Tkachenko, D.; Koucheryavy, Y.; Bregni, S.; Oaca, N. , Page(s): 1-4

OFC/NFOEC 2008 in San Diego [Series Editorial] Kuwahara, H.; Theodoras, J. , Page(s): 46-46

Conference report - Report on the Fourth International Symposium on High-Capacity Optical Networks and Enabling Technologies (HONET 2007) Ghani, N.; Raja, Y.; Ziadi, S.M.H. , Page(s): 48-48

Conference report - Report on the First International Symposium on Advanced Networks and Telecommunication Systems, ANTS 2007 , Page(s): 50-50

Topics in Optical Communications - Service Differentiation and Traffic Engineering in IP over WDM Networks Androulidakis, S.; Doukoglou, T.; Patikis, G.; Kagklis, D. , Page(s): 52-59

Topics in Optical Communications - Operational Evaluation of ASON/GMPLS Interdomain Capability over a JGN II Network Testbed Taniguchi, A.; Sameshima, Y.; Okamoto, S.; Okano, Y.; Tsukishima, Y.; Imajuku, W. , Page(s): 60-66

Topics in Optical Communications - Ultraviolet Communications: Potential and State-Of-The-Art
Xu, Z.; Sadler, B.M. , Page(s): 67-73

Series Editorial - Topics in Automotive Networking
Chen, W.; Delgrossi, L.; Kosch, T.; Saito, T. , Page(s): 74-75

Topics in Automotive Networking - Channel Modeling for Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communications
Matolak, D.W. , Page(s): 76-83

Topics in automotive networking - A Measurement Study of Time-Scaled 802.11a Waveforms Over The Mobile-to-Mobile Vehicular Channel at 5.9 GHz
Cheng, L.; Henty, B.E.; Cooper, R.; Stancil, D.D.; Bai, F. , Page(s): 84-91

Guest Editorial - IPTV Systems, Standards and Architectures: Part II
Wright, S.; Jones, S.; Lee, C.S. , Page(s): 92-93

IPTV Systems, Standards and Architectures: Part II - Application Layer FEC In IPTV Services
Luby, M.; Stockhammer, T.; Watson, M. , Page(s): 94-101

IPTV Systems, Standards and Architectures: Part II - IPTV Architectures for Cable Systems: An Evolutionary Approach Vasudevan, S.V.; Liu, X.; Kollmansberger, K. , Page(s): 102-109

IPTV Systems, Standards and Architectures: Part II - Heterogeneous Networks and Terminal-Aware QoS/QoE-Guaranteed Mobile IPTV Service
Jinsul Kim; Tai-Won Um; Won Ryu; Byung Sun Lee; Minsoo Hahn , Page(s): 110-117

IPTV Systems, Standards and Architectures: Part II - IPTV Services over IMS: Architecture and Standardization
Mikoczy, E.; Telekom, S.; Sivchenko, D.; Xu, B.; Moreno, J.I. , Page(s): 128-135

IPTV Systems, Standards and Architectures: Part II - Quality-Assured Provisioning of IPTV Services within the NGN Environment Volk, M.; Guna, J.; Kos, A.; Bester, J. , Page(s): 118-126

Series Editorial - Topics in Network and Service Management Pavlou, G.; Pras, A. , Page(s): 136-137

Topics in Network and Service Management - Toward an Autonomic Service Management Framework: A Holistic Vision of SOA, AON, and Autonomic Computing
Yu Cheng; Leon-Garcia, A.; Foster, I. , Page(s): 138-146

Topics in Network and Service Management - Protocol-Independent Data Modeling: Lessons Learned from the SMIng Project
Schönwälder, J. , Page(s): 148-153

Topics in Network and Service Management - Operators Challenges toward Bandwidth Management in DiffServ-Aware Traffic Engineering Networks Atzori, L.; Onali, T. , Page(s): 154-160

Topics in Network and Service Management - IMS-Controlled Ethernet Domains for Networked Services Delivery
Tölle, D.; Plankl, A.; Butscher, G.
Page(s): 162-171

Topics in Network and Service Management - Fault Detection and Diagnosis in IP-Based Mission Critical Industrial Process Control Networks
Won, Y.J.; Mi-Jung Choi; James Won-Ki Hong; Myung-Sup Kim , Page(s): 172-180
Advertisers' Index , Page(s): 181-181