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IEEE Communication Magazine Volume: 46  Issue: 7   Date: July 2008


Table Of Contents

IEEE Communications Magazine, Page(s): c1-c1

Table of Contents, Page(s): 1-2

The President's Page Zuckerman, D.; Weinstein, S.B. , Page(s): 4-10

Society News, Page(s): 12-22

Conference Calender Page(s): 24-24

The "Buzz" about WCET Certification Frantz, R., Page(s): 25-25

New Products, Page(s): 28-29

IEEE Standards in Communications and Networking
Gelman, A.D.; Mills, S.; Fish, R.S., Page(s): 30-31

The IEEE Standards Association and Its Ecosystem
Wright, F.D., Page(s): 32-39

Development of 10 Gb/s EPON in IEEE 802.3av
Hajduczenia, M.; Da Silva, H.J.A.; Monteiro, P.P. , Page(s): 40-47

IEEE 802.11n Development: History, Process, and Technology
Perahia, E. , Page(s): 48-55

IEEE 802.20: Mobile Broadband Wireless Access for the Twenty-First Century Greenspan, A.; Klerer, M.; Tomcik, J. Page(s): 56-63

Recent Developments in the Standardization of Power Line Communications within the IEEE Galli, S.; Logvin , Page(s): 64-71

IEEE Standards Supporting Cognitive Radio and Networks, Dynamic Spectrum Access, and Coexistence
Sherman, M.; Mody, A.N.; Martinez, R.; Page(s): 72-79

Industry Analyst Forum: Trends in Communications
Bonenfant, P.A., Page(s): 80-81

Carrier Capital Expenditures
Celentano, J.M., Page(s): 82-88

FTTx: Current Status and the Future
Hutcheson, L., Page(s): 90-95

A Switch in Time: The Role of Switched Digital Video in Easing the Looming Bandwidth Crisis in Cable Breznick, A., Page(s): 96-102

Packet Transport Trends: IP/MPLS Success Challenged as Deployment Footprint Expands Seery, M., Page(s): 103-107

Advances in Mobile Multimedia Networking and QoS: Part II
Kota, S.L.; Qian, Y.; Hossain, E.; Ganesh, R., Page(s): 108-109

Superposition of Broadcast and Unicast in Wireless Cellular Systems Kim, D.; Khan, F.; Rensburg, C.V.; Page(s): 110-117

Performance Enhancement in Future Mobile Satellite Broadcasting Services Kim, S.; Kim, H.W.; Kang, K.; Ahn, D.S., Page(s): 118-124

A New Paradigm for Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting Based on Integrated Niu, Z.; Long, L.; Song, J.; Pan, C. , Page(s): 126-132

Optical Communications: Enabling Global Broadband Communication Spencer, J.; Gebizlioglu, O., Page(s): 134-135

Practical Deployment of Passive Optical Networks
Farmer, J.O.; Bourg, K., Page(s): 136-145

ROADMS Unlock the Edge of the Network
Strasser, T.A.; Taylor, J., Page(s): 146-149

ROADM Architectures and Their Enabling WSS Technology
Homa, J.; Bala, K., Page(s): 150-154

Enabling Highly Survivable Automated On-Demand Dynamic Network Services Zik, J., Page(s): 154-157

HOPSMAN: An Experimental Testbed System for a 10-Gb/s Optical Packet-Switched WDM Metro Ring Network Yuang, M.C, Page(s): 158-166