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IEEE Communication Magazine Volume: 46  Issue: 1   Date: January 2008


Table Of Contents


IEEE Communications Magazine - Feb. 2008 Vol. 46 No. 2
Page(s): c1-c1



Technical activities - Bedrock of the society [The President's Page]
Zuckerman, D.; Jajszczyk, A.
Page(s): 6-8


In Memory of Jennifer Hou [Society News]
Wan-jian Liao
Page(s): 10-10


Ignorance is bliss
Moore, S.
Page(s): 12-12


Telco services for end customers: European Perspective
Sanchez, A.; Carro, B.; Wesner, S.
Page(s): 14-18


Page(s): 19-19


Conference Calendar
Page(s): 20-21


Product spotlights
Page(s): 22-22


Product spotlights
Page(s): 23-23


CommuniCrostic Puzzle
Green, P.
Page(s): 24-24


IEEE Optical Communications - Feb. 2008
Page(s): S1-S1


Ethernet approaches lightspeed [Series Editorial]
Kuwahara, H.; Theodoras, J.
Page(s): S4-S6


D¿ambrosia, J.
Page(s): S8-S15


Aggregation at the physical layer
Frazier, H.M.
Page(s): S12-S12


An introduction to CTBI
Gustlin, M.
Page(s): S13-S13


Photonic integrated circuits: A technology update
Melle, S.
Page(s): S14-S15


Benefits of EDC and linear receivers for short reach 40/100GE
Ghiasi, A.; Dudek, M.
Page(s): S17-S21


Bandwidth virtualization enables long-haul WDM transport of 40 Gb/s and 100 Gb/s services
Melle, S.; Dodd, R.; Grubb, S.; Liou, C.; Vusirikala, V.; Welch, D.
Page(s): S22-S29


A cross-layer optical circuit provisioning framework for data intensive IP end hosts
Weiqiang Sun; Guowu Xie; Yaohui Jin; Wei Guo; Weisheng Hu; Xinhua Lin; Min-You Wu; Shanghai Wentao Li; Rong Jiang; Xueqin Wei
Page(s): S30-S37


Iptv systems, standards, and architectures: part I [Guest Editorial]
Wright, S.; Jones, S.; Lee, C.S.
Page(s): 69-69


IPTV transport architecture alternatives and economic considerations
Han, S.; Lisle, S.; Nehib, G.
Page(s): 70-77


Standardization activities in the ITU for a QoE assessment of IPTV
Takahashi, A.; Hands, D.; Barriac, V.
Page(s): 78-84


IPTV over P2P streaming networks: the mesh-pull approach
Hei, X.; Liu, Y.; Ross, K.W.
Page(s): 86-92


Increasing the user perceived quality for IPTV services
Degrande, N.; Laevens, K.; Vleeschauwer, D.D.; Sharpe, R.
Page(s): 94-100


Security in mobile ad hoc and sensor networks: part I [Guest Editorial]
Kartalopoulos, S.V.; Hsiao-Hwa Chen; Freire, M.; Liwen He; Verma, P.
Page(s): 102-103


Efficient packet filtering in wireless ad hoc networks
Fantacci, R.; Maccari, L.; Ayuso, P.N.; Gasca, R.M.
Page(s): 104-110


Defense of trust management vulnerabilities in distributed networks
Yan Sun; Zhu Han; Liu, K.J.R.
Page(s): 112-119


Securing AODV: the A-SAODV secure routing prototype
Cerri, D.; Ghioni, A.
Page(s): 120-125


Selling multimedia resources in ad hoc networks
Kounga, G.; Schaefer, C.
Page(s): 126-131



Secure neighborhood discovery: a fundamental element for mobile ad hoc networking
Papadimitratos, P.; Poturalski, M.; Schaller, P.; Lafourcade, P.; Basin, D.; Capkun, S.; Hubaux, J.-P.
Page(s): 132-139
Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/MCOM.2008.4473095


Toward an analytical approach to anonymous wireless networking
Venkitasubramaniam, P.; He, T.; Tong, L.; Wicker, S.B.
Page(s): 140-146


Application of sequential detection schemes for obtaining performance bounds of greedy users in the IEEE 802.11 MAC
Radosavac, S.; Baras, J.S.
Page(s): 148-154


The Global Communications Newsletter is Back! [Global IEEE Communications Magazine Newsletter]
Page(s): 1-4


Advertisers' Index
Page(s): 160-160