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IEEE Communication Magazine Volume: 46  Issue: 8   Date: Aug 2008


Table Of Contents

IEEE Communications Magazine - Topics in Design and Implementation Page(s): c1-c1

Comminications: Faster-Higher-Stronger IEEE ICC 2008 in Beijing, China [The Presiden'ts Page]
Zuckerman, D. Page(s): 6-10

Jack Howell, A Winner in Great Wall of China race [From the Editor-in-Chief] Page(s): 12-12

Society News Page(s): 14-14

The first meeting of the Industry Advisory Board [Certification Corner] Frantz, R. Page(s): 16-16

Book Reviews [2 books reviewed] Jajszczyk, A. Page(s): 18-19

Conference Calendar Page(s): 20-20

New Products Page(s): 22-22

Product Spotlights Page(s): 24-24
History of Communications Schwartz, M. Page(s): 26-29

NXTCOMM 2008 in Las Vegas [Series Editorial] Kuwahara, H.; Theodoras, J.           Page(s): 30-30

An Overlay Photonic Layer Security Approach Scalable to 100 Gb/s [Topics in Optical Communications]
Etemad, S.; Agarwal, A.; Banwell, T.; Crescenzo, G.; Jackel, J.; Menendez, R.; Toliver, P.Page(s): 32-39

Secure Optical Burst Switching: Framework and Research Directions [Topics in Optical Communications]
Yuhua Chen; Verma, P. Page(s): 40-45

D&I Series: Socializing Experiential Moore, S. Page(s): 46-47

Design and Implementation of a Solution for the Provisioning of Converged Remote Tower and Facility Management Services over Satellite IP for Greek Heliports
Apostolacos, S.; Manousos, Page(s): 48-56

Design and Implementation of a Portable Software Radio [Topics in Design and Implementation]
Dickens, M.; Dunn, B.; Nicholas, L.J. Page(s): 58-66

RF-MEMS for Wireless Communications [Topics in Design and Implementation] Hilbert, J.L.  Page(s): 68-74

Presence Network Agent: A Simple Way to Improve the Presence Service Loreto, S.; Eriksson, G.A.
Page(s): 75-79

On Spam over Internet Telephony (SPIT) Prevention [Topics in Design and Implementation]
Quittek, J.; Niccolini, S.; Tartarelli, S.; Schlegel, R. Page(s): 80-86

IPTV: The Entertainment Game Has Changed [Guest Editorial] Liu, K.; Gil, A.; Berendt, L.A. Page(s): 88-89

Enabling IPTV: What's Needed in the Access Network [Creating Successful and Sustainable IPTV Services]
Vanhastel, S.; Hernandez, R. Page(s): 90-95

Extending the Service Bus for Successful and Sustainable IPTV Services [Creating Successful and Sustainable IPTV Services Sur, A.; Schaffa, F.; McIntyre, J.; Nogima, J.; Alexander, M.E.; Dettori, P. Page(s): 96-103

Cooperative Coded Video Multicast for IPTV Services under EPON-WiMAX Integration
James She; Pin-Han Ho Page(s): 104-110

Adoption and Pricing: The Underestimated Elements of a Realistic IPTV Business Case
Casier, K.; Lannoo, B.; Ooteghem, J.; Verbrugge, S.; Colle, D.; Pickavet, M.; Demeester, P. Page(s): 112-118

The IEEE 802.11s Extended Service Set Mesh Networking Standard Camp, J.; Knightly, E. Page(s): 120-126
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Page(s): 128-128