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IEEE Circuits and Systems Volume: 8  Issue:2   Date: 2nd Quarter 2008

Table Of Contents

IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine - Second Quarter 2008
Page(s): c1-c1

From the Editor , Chen, G. Page(s): 4-4

Insect-vision inspired collision warning vision processor for automobiles Linan-Cembrano, G.; Carranza, L.; Rind, C.; Zarandy, A.; Soininen, M.; Rodriguez-Vazquez, A. , Page(s): 6-24

Energy-aware portable video communication system design for wildlife activity monitoring He, Z.; Eggert, J.; Cheng, W.; Zhao, X.; Millspaugh, J.; Moll, R.; Beringer, J.; Sartwell, J. , Page(s): 25-37

Distributed sensing based on intelligent sensor networks
Leung, H.; Chandana, S.; Wei, S. , Page(s): 38-52

Moore's Law today Keyes, R.W. , Page(s): 53-54

Leon Chua's memristor [Recognitions] Chen, G., Page(s): 55-55

The limits of light: The finite bandwidth of optical fibre [Open Column] Carusone, A.C. , Page(s): 56-63