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Antennas and Propagation Magazine, IEEE  Volume: 50  Issue: 3  May-June. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine , Page(s): 1-1

Information for Contributors Page(s): 4-4

Magazine Staff Page(s): 5-6

AP-S Officers and Administrative Committee Page(s): 7-7

Editor's Comments
Stone, W.R. Page(s): 8-230

President's Message Bernhard, J.T. Page(s): 8-9

2008 AP-S Memebership Form Page(s): 10-10

Getting the Magazine by Air Freight, Changes of Address or Delivery Problems Page(s): 20-20

Chapter News Kempell, L.C. Page(s): 98-99

AP-S Distinguished Lecturer Program for 2007-2009
Page(s): 100-100

National Radio Science Meeting Page(s): 102-103

Design Formula for Sierpinski Gasket Pre-Fractal Planar-Monopole Antennas [Antenna Designer's Notebook]
Mishra, R.K.; Ghatak, R.; Poddar, D.R. Page(s): 104-107

A Low-Power High-Sensitivity X-Band Rail SAR Imaging System [Measurement's Corner]

Charvat, G.L.; Kempell, L.C.; Coleman, C. Page(s): 108-115

Waveform Diversity & Design Conference Page(s): 118-118

Reviews and Abstracts Wells, D.S. Page(s): 119-126

First Call For Papers
Page(s): 128-128

A Sophisticated Parallel MLFMA for Scattering by Extremely Large Targets [EM Programmer's Notebook]

Xiao-Min Pan; Xin-Qing Sh Page(s): 129-138

WIPL-D Software Validates Babinet's Principle Lopez, A.R. Page(s): 138-139

Has Your Cat Gone Phishing? [AP-S Turnstile] Bansal, R. Page(s): 142-142

Et Cetera Akgdl, T. Page(s): 144-144

RFlDays 2008: Workshop on Emerging Technologies for Radio-Frequency Identification
Page(s): 147-150

The Fourth iWAT2008 in Chiba, Japan Page(s): 153-154

The iWAT Conference: Maturing Like a Fine Wine Mittra, R. Page(s): 154-154

Meetings and Symposia Wasky, R.P. Page(s): 155-158

Letters to the Editor Haviland, R.P. Page(s): 159-160

EuCAP 2009 - Berlin, Germany Page(s): 161-161

EuCAP 2007: A Review Yiannis, J.; Vardaxoglou, C. Page(s): 162-164

A Two-Dimensional FDTD-Based Virtual Visualization Tool for Metamnaterial -Wave Interaction [Education Column]
Cakir, M.; Cakir, G.; Sevgi, L. Page(s): 166-175

IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society Undergraduate/Graduate Research Awards for 2008-9
Page(s): 176-176

The SUMMA Graduate Fellowships in Advanced Electromagnetics Page(s): 177-177

Hidden Word Gardioll, F. Page(s): 178-178

Making Ethical Engineering-Management Decisions in a Competitive Environment (Part 1 of 2) [Ethically Speaking]
Cook, K.L.B. Page(s): 179-182

Metamaterialists Meet in Marrakech, Morocco: A NATO Advanced Research Workshop
Zouhdi, S.; Rahmat-Samii, Y.; Sihvola, A. Page(s): 183-186

2009 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation October 20-23, 2009
Page(s): 187-187

Intellectual Property and Patent Abstracts Henderson, L.W. Page(s): 188-194

Implementation and Evaluation of a Web- Based Grid-Enabled Environment for WCDMA Multibeam System Simulations [Wireless Corner]
Athanaileas, T.E.; Gkonis, P.K.; Athanasiadou, G.E.; Tsoulos, F.G.V.; Kaklamani, D.L. Page(s): 195-204

IEEE-USA-Supported Genetic-information Nondiscrimination Act Signed into Law [IEEE-USA] Page(s): 205-205

AMTA Corner Schneider, S.W.; Kemp, J.Page(s): 206-206

Characterization of Passive UHF RFID Tag Performance Sydanheimol, L.; Nummetla, Page(s): 207-212

Call For Papers  Page(s): 213-213

Testing Ourselves Sevgi, L.; Montrose, M.Page(s): 214-215

Antenna Calibration for EMC Tests and Measurements Sevgi, L.; Cakir, S.; Cakir, G.Page(s): 215-224

First Call For Papers Page(s): 225-225

Automation and CAD Corner Page(s): 226-227

IEEE AWPL Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters Page(s): 228-228

IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society Digital Archive Page(s): 229-229

Our Other Contributions Page(s): 230-233

Institutional Listings Page(s): 234-234