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Antennas and Propagation Magazine, IEEE  Volume: 50  Issue: 2  Mar-Apr. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine Page(s): c1-c1

Information for Contributors Page(s): 4-4

Magazine Staff Page(s): 5-6

AP-S Officers and Administrative Committee Page(s): 7-7

Editor's Comments Stone, W.R. Page(s): 8-240

President's Message Bernhard, J.T.Page(s): 8-9

2008 AP-S Membership Form Page(s): 10-11

2008 IEEEE Antennas and Propagation Society - Membership Application Page(s): 12-12

Study of Millimeter-Wave Radar for Helicopter Assisted-Landing System
Gwala, M.R.; Wang, F.; Sarabandi, K. Page(s): 13-25

A New Direction in Computational Electromagnetics: Solving Large Problems Using the Parallel FDTD on the BlueGene/L Supercomputer Providing Teraflop-Level Performance
Wenhua Yu; Xiaoling Yang Page(s): 26-44

Mastering Conformal Meshing for Complex CAD-Based C-FDTD Simulations
Benkler, S.; Chavannes, N.; Kuster, N. Page(s): 45-57

Basic Element for Square Kilometer Array Training (BEST): Evaluation of the Antenna Noise Temperature Bolli, P.; Perini, F.; Montebugnoli, S.; Pelosi, G.; Poppi, S.Page(s): 58-65

Mechanical Measurements of the ALMA Prototype Antennas Greve, A.; Mangum, Page(s): 66-80

Radar Cross Section (RCS) Modeling and Simulation, Part 2: A Novel FDTD-Based RCS Prediction Virtual Tool for the Resonance Regime Cakir, G.; Cakir, M.; Sevgi, L.Page(s): 81-94

On a Broadband Elevated Suspended-Plate Antenna with Consistent Gain
Toh, W.K.; Chen, Z.N.  Page(s): 95-105

Minutes of the AdCom Meeting Shields, M.W. Page(s): 108-118

In Memoriam: Prof. Safwat Mahrous Page(s): 120-121

AP-S Chapter News  Kempel, L.C.Page(s): 124-127

Call for Papers Page(s): 128-128

Antenna Designer's Notebook Milligan, T.Page(s): 130-131

Report on ICATT'07: The Sixth International Conference on Antenna Theory and Techniques
Page(s): 134-137

Recent Microwave Absorber Wall-Reflectivity Measurement Methods [Measurements Corner]
Fischer, B.E.; Lahaie, I.J.  Page(s): 140-147

Antennas and Propagation for Body-Centric Wireless Communications Page(s): 148-148

Reviews and Abstracts Weilo, D.S.Page(s): 150-151

Lab VIEW-based Planar Multilayered Model for Estimation of the Absorbed Energy Inside Biological Tissues [EM Programmer's Notebook] Davidson, D.B.Page(s): 152-158

IEEE AWPL - Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters Page(s): 160-160
AP-S Turnstile Bansal, R.Page(s): 161-162

ET Cetera Akgui, T.Page(s): 164-164

Meetings and Symposia Wasky, R.P.Page(s): 166-168

Short Courses Wasky, R.P. Page(s): 169-170

Education Column Kelley, D.Page(s): 174-174

Wave Propagation in 1D EBGs: Periodic Multilayer Films Consisting of Two Different Materials [This Issue's Contribution] Foroozesh, A.; Shafai, L.Page(s): 175-182

IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society - Undergraduate/Graduate Research Awards for 2008-9
Page(s): 183-183

First Call For Papers Page(s): 184-184

Hidden Word Gardiol, F.Page(s): 185-185

Ethically Speaking Haupt, R.Page(s): 186-187

Intellectual Property and Patent Abstracts Henderson, L.W.Page(s): 189-196

Compact Multimode Patch Antennas for MIMO Applications [Wireless Corner]
Herscovici, N.; Christodoulou, C.; Rajo-Iglesias, E.;Page(s): 197-205

Local TV Reports on Engineering and Science Highlight IEEE Technologies; New Topics Sought [IEEE-USA] Page(s): 207-207

Reaching Out to Influential People in Washington to Highlight Engineers' Community Spirit [IEEE-USA] Page(s): 208-208

The SUMMA Graduate Fellowships in Advanced Electromagnetics Page(s): 209-209

AMTA Corner Schneider, S.W.; Kemp, J. Page(s): 210-211

Dynamic Radar Cross Section and Radar Doppler Measurements of Commercial General Electric Windmill Power Turbines Part 1: Predicted and Measured Radar Signatures
Kent, B.M.; Hil, K.C.; Buterbaugh, A.; Page(s): 211-219

Testing Ourselves Sevgi, L.Page(s): 221-221

Guided Waves and Eigenvalue Extraction from Propagation Characteristics
Sevgi, L. Page(s): 222-234

Institutional Listings Page(s): 242-242