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Antennas and Propagation Magazine, IEEE  Volume: 50  Issue: 1  Jan-Feb. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine - Cover Page  Page(s): c1-c1 

Advertisement Page(s): c2-c2

Table of contents Page(s): 3-3

Information for contributors Page(s): 4-4

Magazine staff Page(s): 5-6

AP-S officers and administrative committee Page(s): 7-7

Feature articles and contributions solicited Page(s): 7-7

Editor's comments Stone, W.R. Page(s): 8-257

President's message Bernhard, J.T.Page(s): 8-9

Come and join us in San Diego! Thorburn, M.Page(s): 10-10

2008 IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation and USNC/URSI National Radio Science Meeting Steering Committee Page(s): 11-11

Social events and companion tours - 2008 IEEE AP-S & USNC/URSI Page(s): 12-15

Registration form - 2008 IEEE AP-S & USNC/URSI Symposium Page(s): 16-17

2008 IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society membership application Page(s): 18-18

The fundamentals of electromagnetic theory revisited Arthur, J.W.Page(s): 19-65

The art of UHF RFID antenna design: impedance-matching and size-reduction techniques
Marrocco, G.Page(s): 66-79

Fabrication and space-qualifying a lightweight corrugated horn with low sidelobes for global-Earth coverage Bird, T.S.; Granet, C.Page(s): 80-86

IEEE seeking nominations for medals and awards Page(s): 86-86
Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/MAP.2008.4494506

Reliable prediction of mobile phone performance for realistic in-use conditions using the FDTD method
Futter, P.; Chavannes, N.; Tay, R.; Meili, M.; Klingenbock, A.; Pokovic, K.; Kuster, N.Page(s): 87-96

Near fields of resonant circular arrays of cylindrical dipoles Fikioris, G.; Matos, K.Page(s): 97-107

Digital tracking array using off-the-shelf hardware Gezer, L.; Broadston, Page(s): 108-114

IEEE China office inaugurated Page(s): 114-114

Radar cross section (RCS) modeling and simulation, part 1: a tutorial review of definitions, strategies, and canonical examples Uluisik, C.; Cakir, G.; Cakir, M.; Sevgi, L.Page(s): 115-126

Chapter news Young, J.L.Page(s): 127-129

AP-S distinguished lecturer program Vardaxoglou, J.C.Page(s): 130-138


Photos from the URSI North American Radio Science Meeting awards banquet Page(s): 140-140

Design, optimization, and validation of a planar nine-element quasi-Yagi antenna array for X-band applications [antenna designer's notebook Weinmann, F.Page(s): 141-148


East Ukraine young scientist conference travel grant; 2007 winners announced Page(s): 150-150

The Doppler wheel revisited Eskelinen, P.; Ruoskanen, J.Page(s): 151-157

Hear Ye 6! Page(s): 158-158

Reviews and abstracts Page(s): 159-161

Announcement and call for papers for ISAPE2008 Page(s): 162-162


CYLINDRICAL: an effective CAD package for designing probe-fed rectangular microstrip antennas conformed onto cylindrical structures Tinoco Salazar, A.F.; Heckler, M.V.TPage(s): 164-169

Call for papers - International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation Page(s): 170-170

Optical antennas [AP-S turnstile] Page(s): 172-172

Yahya Rahmat-Samii elected to US National Academy of Engineering Page(s): 173-173

Et cetera Akgul, T.Page(s): 174-174

George Eleftheriades wins IEEE Kiyo Tomiyasu award Page(s): 175-175

From the screen of Stone Stone, W.R.Page(s): 176-179

The SUMMA graduate fellowships in advanced electromagnetics Stone, A.P.Page(s): 180-180

In memoriam: Jin Au Kong Tsang, L.; Habashy, T.; Shin, R.; Poh, S.Page(s): 181-181

Meetings and symposia Wasky, R.P.Page(s): 182-183

Second International Congress on Advanced Electromagetic Materials in Microwave Electromagnetic Materials in Microwaves Optics Page(s): 186-186

IEEE COMCAS 2008 Page(s): 187-187

Comments on "scan impedance for an infinite dipole array: Hansen's formulas compared with Ansoft HFSS simulations" Jones, M.; Ortiz, S.Page(s): 188-191

Sinusoidal current duality Hansen, R.C.Page(s): 192-192

Response to R. C. Hansen's "sinusoidal current duality" Miller, E.K.Page(s): 192-195

Special member benefit Page(s): 196-196


Online application for representation of the radiation pattern of antenna arrays
Bachiller, C.; Esteban, H.; Morro, J.V.; Belenguer, A.; Borial, V.Page(s): 198-201

IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society undergraduate/graduate research awards for 2008-9  Page(s): 202-

2008 International RF and Microwave ConferencePage(s): 204-204

Hidden word Page(s): 205-205

2008 IEEE International Conference on Electro/Information Technology Page(s): 206-206

Ethical resolutions for the New Year [ethically speaking] Haupt, R.L.Page(s): 207-207

12th International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Electromagnetic Theory Page(s): 208-208

Intellectual property and patent abstracts Henderson, L.W.Page(s): 209-214

2008 Antenna Systems Conference Page(s): 215-215

DIPED-2008 first call for papers Page(s): 216-216

Tumor incidence in genetically prone female mice following exposure to GSM cellular telephone radiation
Lin, J.C. Page(s): 217-220

Combined effects of finite diversity switch isolation and antenna mutual coupling on spatial diversity
Georgiadis, A.; Kalialakis, C.Page(s): 221-226

IEEE-USA 2008 public-awareness program launched Page(s): 227-227

IEEE-USA unveils 2007 online annual report Page(s): 227-227

UWBUSIS 2008 Page(s): 228-228

Premiere issue of the IEEE Women in Engineering Magazine
Wahid, P. Page(s): 229-229

AMTA 2008 call for papers Page(s): 230-230

AMTA corner Schneider, S.W.; Kemp, J.Page(s): 231-231

Interference of a long dielectric string with a short metallic wire in RCS measurements
Wei, P.S.P.; Reed, A.W. Page(s): 233-239

James Clerk Maxwell: his journey to Italy; and the first color photograph Pelosi, G.Page(s): 240-243

2008 USNC/URSI National Radio Science Meeting student paper winners Page(s): 243-243

IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters Page(s): 244-244

Testing ourselves Sevgi, L.Page(s): 245-246

A review of discrete solutions of Poisson, Laplace, and wave equations Sevgi, L.Page(s): 246-254

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation announces special issue on antennas and propagation for body-centric wireless communications Page(s): 255-255

Institutional listings Page(s): 258-258