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IEEE Annals of the History of Computer July-September 2008 (Vol. 30, No. 3) ,ISSN: 1058-6180

Table Of Contents

From the Editor's Desk  Jeffrey R. Yostpp. 2-3

Guest Editor's Introduction: History of Informatics  Laszlo Böszörmenyi,  pp. 4-7

What Makes the History of Software Hard  Michael S. Mahoney, Princeton University pp. 8-18

Beckmann's Studio Computers Specified for Early Computer Art
Horst Oberquelle, University of Hamburg, Germany pp. 20-31

A Brief History of Software Engineering  Niklaus Wirth, ETH Zürich pp. 32-39

Social and Political Impact of the Long-term History of Computing
Joseph Weizenbaum pp. 40-42

A Seminar Looking for Traces of History  Roland T. Mittermeir,  pp. 44-54

Incorporating History in Secondary Education Informatics Courses  Peter K. pp. 56-63

Mathematics, Computer Development, and Science Policy Debates after World War II
Bernadette Longo, University of Minnesota pp. 64-72

Events and Sightings  Chigusa Kita, Kansai Universitypp. 74-77

The Genesis of the Tenet 210: An Early Time-Sharing System  Chuck Rungepp. 78-81

Reviews pp. 82-83  

Hiroshi Wada: Pioneering Electronics and Computer Technologies in Postwar Japan
Hyungsub Choi, Chemical Heritage Foundation pp. 84-89

A Trip down Memory Lane? New Challenges from Other Disciplines
Janet Delve, University of Portsmouth pp. 90-92