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IEEE Transactions Wireless Communication Volume: 7  Issue: 5 Part 2   Date: May. 2008

Table of Contents

Special issue on cooperative communications , Bhargava, V.K.; Letaief, K.B. , Page(s): 1777-1778

Channel statistics and performance of cooperative selection diversity with dual-hop amplify-and-forward relay over Rayleigh fading channels Chau, Y.A.; Huang, K.Y. , Page(s): 1779-1785

An analytical model for ARQ cooperative diversity in multi-hop wireless networks

Le, L.; Hossain, E. , Page(s): 1786-1791

Diversity order analysis of the decode-and-forward cooperative networks with relay selection

Zhihang Yi; Il-Min Kim , Page(s): 1792-1799

Lifetime maximization for amplify-and-forward cooperative networks

Wan-Jen Huang; Hong, Y.-W.; Kuo, C.-C. J. , Page(s): 1800-1805

Error probability of digital communications using relay diversity over Nakagami-m fading channels
Lie-Liang Yang; Hsiao-Hwa Chen , Page(s): 1806-1811

A distributed space-time coding in asynchronous wireless relay networks
Xiaoyong Guo; Xiang-Gen Xia , Page(s): 1812-1816

Distributed beamforming and power allocation for cooperative networks
Ding, Z.; Chin, W.H.; Leung, K.K. , Page(s): 1817-1822

Opportunistic cooperative diversity with feedback and cheap radios
Bletsas, A.; Khisti, A.; Win, M.Z. ,  Page(s): 1823-1827

Achievable diversity-multiplexing-delay tradeoff for ARQ cooperative broadcast channels
Weng, L.; Murch, R.D. , Page(s): 1828-1832

Optimal resource allocation in multi-hop OFDMA wireless networks with cooperative relay
Seung-Jun Kim; Xiaodong Wang; Madihian, M. , Page(s): 1833-1838

An Alamouti coded OFDM transmission for cooperative systems robust to both timing errors and frequency offsets Zheng Li; Xiang-Gen Xia , Page(s): 1839-1844

Amplify¿and¿forward cooperative diversity schemes for multi¿carrier systems
Kaneko, M.; Hayashi, K.; Popovski, P.; Ikeda, K.; Sakai, H.; Prasad, R. , Page(s): 1845-1850

On the performance of amplify-and-forward cooperative systems with fixed gain relays

Farhadi, G.; Beaulieu, N.C. , Page(s): 1851-1856

Distributed linear convolutive space-time codes for asynchronous cooperative communication networks

Xiaoyong Guo; Xiang-Gen Xia , Page(s): 1857-1861

When network coding and dirty paper coding meet in a cooperative ad hoc network
Fawaz, N.; Gesbert, D.; Debbah, M. , Page(s): 1862-1867

On cooperation in energy efficient wireless networks: the role of altruistic nodes
Lai, L.; Gamal, H.E. , Page(s): 1868-1878

Bidirectional regenerative half-duplex relaying using relay selection

Oechtering, T.J.; Boche, H. , Page(s): 1879-1888

A cartel maintenance framework to enforce cooperation in wireless networks with selfish users
Zhu Han; Zhu Ji; Liu, K.J. R. , Page(s): 1889-1899

Power control in distributed cooperative OFDMA cellular networks
Pischella, M.; Belfiore, J.-C. , Page(s): 1900-1906

On channel estimation and optimal training design for amplify and forward relay networks
Gao, F.; Cui, T.; Nallanathan, A. , Page(s): 1907-1916

Low complexity and fractional coded cooperation for wireless networks
Eckford, A.W.; Chu, J.P.K.; Adve, R.S. , Page(s): 1917-1929

The performance of multi-user cooperative diversity in an asynchronous CDMA uplink
Vardhe, K.; Reynolds, D.; Valenti, M.C. , Page(s): 1930-1940

A game-theoretic analysis of decode-and-forward user cooperation

Chen, Y.; Kishore, S. , Page(s): 1941-1951

Amplify-and-forward cooperation under interference-limited spatial reuse of the relay slot
Agustin, A.; Vidal, J. , Page(s): 1952-1962

Cooperative diversity over log-normal fading channels: performance analysis and optimization
Safari, M.; Uysal, M. , Page(s): 1963-1972