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IEEE Transactions Wireless Communication Volume: 7  Issue: 5 Part 1   Date: May. 2008

Table of Contents

Performance of maximal ratio combiners over correlated Nakagami-m fading channels with arbitrary fading parameters
Reig, J. , Page(s): 1441-1444

Adaptive ARQ with energy efficient backoff on Markov fading links
Chockalingam, A.; Zorzi, M. , Page(s): 1445-1449

Two-dimensional coded classification schemes in wireless sensor networks
Hung-Ta Pai; Han, Y.S.; Jing-Tian Sung , Page(s): 1450-1455

Embedded forward error control technique (EFECT) for low-rate but low latency communications
Ishibashi, K.; Ochiai, H.; Kohno, R. , Page(s): 1456-1460

Robust switching blind equalizer for wireless cognitive receivers

Hsiao-Chun Wu; Yiyan Wu; Principe, J.C.; Xianbin Wang , Page(s): 1461-1465

Blind decentralized estimation for bandwidth constrained wireless sensor networks
Aysal, T.C.; Barner, K.E. , Page(s): 1466-1471

Space-time error correcting codes

Lalam, M.; Amis, K.; Leroux, D. , Page(s): 1472-1476

Serial concatenation of simple linear block codes and differential modulations
Mitra, J.; Lampe, L. , Page(s): 1477-1482

Sequence hopping cell search scheme for OFDM cellular systems
Kim, I.; Han, Y.; Kim, Y.; Bang, S.C. , Page(s): 1483-1489

Two-stage hybrid decision feedback equalization for DS-CDMA systems

Le-Nam Tran; Een-Kee Hong; Huaping Liu , Page(s): 1490-1494

An accurate closed-form approximation of the average probability of error over a log-normal fading channel Heliot, F.; Ghavami, M.; Nakhai, M.R. , Page(s): 1495-1500

Information outage probability and diversity order of symmetric coordinate interleaved orthogonal designs
Lee, H.; Andrews, J.G.; Powers, E.J. , Page(s): 1501-1506

Efficient subcarrier, power, and rate allocation with fairness consideration for OFDMA uplink
Gao, L.; Cui, S. , Page(s): 1507-1511

Pulse shaping functions for UWK systems
Liu, X.; Premkumar, A.B.; Madhukumar, A.S. , Page(s): 1512-1516

Constant-power adaptive orthogonally multiplexed modulations under flat Rayleigh fading
Wei-Lun Lin; Char-Dir Chung , Page(s): 1517-1521

Energy spreading transform for down-link MC-CDMA
Taewon Hwang; Ye Li; Yi Yuan-Wu , Page(s): 1522-1526

Antenna subset diversity with non-ideal channel estimation
Gifford, W.M.; Win, M.Z.; Chiani, M. , Page(s): 1527-1539

Neighbor discovery in mobile ad hoc self-configuring networks with directional antennas: algorithms and comparisons Zhang, Z.; Li, B. , Page(s): 1540-1549

Space-time coded asynchronous DS-CDMA with decentralized MAI suppression: performance and spectral efficiency
Zhang, J.; Lehnert, J.S. , Page(s): 1550-1559

Spatial correlation and capacity measurements for wideband MIMO channels in indoor office environment
Kafle, P.L.; Intarapanich, A.; Sesay, A.B.; Mcrory, J.; Davies, R.J. , Page(s): 1560-1571

Maximum likelihood position estimation in ad-hoc networks using a dead reckoning approach
Hernandez, O.; Bouchereau, F.; Munoz, D. , Page(s): 1572-1584

Non-coherent and differentially coherent code acquisition in MIMO assisted DS-CDMA multi-path downlink scenarios SeungHwan Won; Hanzo, L. , Page(s): 1585-1593

Effects of non-homogeneous SINR estimation error statistics on scheduling performance in OFDM downlink systems
Ji-Woong Choi; Cioffi, J.M. , Page(s): 1594-1602

Robust high throughput space time block codes using parallel interference cancellation

Pau, N.S.J.; Taylor, D.P.; Martin, P.A. , Page(s): 1603-1613

A distributed medium access control scheme for a large network of wireless routers
Zhao, B.; Hua, Y. , Page(s): 1614-1622

Performance evaluation of frequency planning schemes in OFDMA-based networks

Elayoubi, S-E.; Ben Haddada, O.; Fourestie, B. , Page(s): 1623-1633

Analytical results about the robustness of FMT modulation with several prototype pulses in time-frequency selective fading channels
Tonello, A.M.; Pecile, F. , Page(s): 1634-1645

On antijamming in general CDMA systems-part I: multiuser capacity analysis

Nikjah, R.; Beaulieu, N.C. , Page(s): 1646-1655

Multiple symbol differential detection for UWB communications
Lottici, V.; Tian, Z. , Page(s): 1656-1666

Low complexity subcarrier and power allocation for utility maximization in uplink OFDMA systems

Ng, C.Y.; Sung, C.W. , Page(s): 1667-1675

Spectrally shaped generalized MC-DS-CDMA with dual band combining for increased diversity
Xiong, W.; Matolak, D.W. , Page(s): 1676-1686

Capacity of MIMO Rician fading channels with transmitter and receiver channel state information

Maaref, A.; A¿ssa, S. , Page(s): 1687-1698

On channel coding selection in time-slotted ALOHA packetized multiple-access systems over Rayleigh fading channels Wei, C.; Fan, P.; Letaief, K.B. , Page(s): 1699-1707

A token-based scheduling scheme for WLANs supporting voice/data traffic and its performance analysis
Wang, P.; Zhuang, W. , Page(s): 1708-1718

A reconfigurable multiple-input multiple-output communication system

Grau, A.; Jafarkhani, H.; Flaviis, F.D. , Page(s): 1719-1733

Adaptive radio resource allocation for downlink OFDMA/SDMA systems with multimedia traffic
Chun-Fan Tsai; Chung-Ju Chang; Fang-Ching Ren; Chin-Ming Yen , Page(s): 1734-1743

The Gaussian free space optical MIMO channel with Q-ary pulse position modulation
Letzepis, N.; Holland, I.; Cowley, W. , Page(s): 1744-1753

Per-user packet outage analysis in slow multiaccess fading channels with successive interference cancellation for equal rate applications Lau, V.K.N.; Wing Kwan Ng , Page(s): 1754-1763

Smart sender: a practical rate adaptation algorithm for multirate IEEE 802.11 WLANs
Xia, Q.; Hamdi, M. , Page(s): 1764-1775