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IEEE Transactions Wireless Communication Volume: 7  Issue: 3   Date: March. 2008

Table of Contents

Autonomous Dynamic Power Control for Wireless Networks: User-Centric and Network-Centric Consideration Sorooshyari, S.; Gajic, Z. Page(s): 1004-1015

Capacity/Throughput Optimization for H-BLAST with SC Receiver over MIMO Channels Choi, J., Page(s): 1016-1024

Unlinkability Measure for IEEE 802.11 Based MANETs
Huang, D. , Page(s): 1025-1034

Mobile Privacy in Wireless Networks-Revisited
Tang, C.; Wu, D.O. , Page(s): 1035-1042

Achievable Rates with Imperfect Transmitter Side Information Using a Broadcast Transmission Strategy Steiner, A.; Shamai, S. , Page(s): 1043-1051

Depth-First and Breadth-First Search Based Multilevel SGA Algorithms for Near Optimal Symbol Detection in MIMO Systems
Jia, Y.; Andrieu, C.; Page(s): 1052-1061

The Impact of Channel Randomness on Coverage and Connectivity of Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
Miorandi, D.; Altman, E.; Alfano, G. , Page(s): 1062-1072

PHY-layer Fairness in Amplify and Forward Cooperative Diversity Systems
Michalopoulos, D.S.; Karagiannidis, G.K. , Page(s): 1073-1082

Multiple Access Performance of Balanced UWB Transmitted-Reference Systems in Multipath Jia, T.; Kim, D.I. , Page(s): 1084-1094

Cross Layer Design for Multiaccess Communication Over Rayleigh Fading Channels
Naware, V.; Tong, L. , Page(s): 1095-1103

Space-Code CS-CDMA Systems over MISO Frequency-Selective Rayleigh Fading Channels Weerasinghe, N.S.; Chen, D.; Hashimoto, T. , Page(s): 769-773

Low-Complexity Map Channel Estimation for Mobile MIMO-OFDM Systems
Gao, J.; Liu, H. , Page(s): 774-780

On the Use of Hexagonal Constellation for Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction of an ODFM Signal Han, S.H.; Cioffi, J.M.; Lee, J.H. , Page(s): 781-786

Joint Erasure Marking and List Viterbi Algorithm for Decoding in Unknown Non-Gaussian Noise Li, T.; Mow, W.H.; Siu, M. , Page(s): 787-792

Results for Infinite Integrals Involving Higher-Order Powers of the Gaussian Q-Function with Application to Average SEP Analysis of DE-QPSK , Radaydeh, R.M.; Matalgah, M.M. , Page(s): 793-798

BER Analysis of M-QAM with Packet Combining Over Space-Time Block Coded MIMO Fading Channels A¿ssa, S.; Aniba, G. , Page(s): 799-805

DSTBC Impulse Radios with Autocorrelation Receiver in ISI-Free UMD Channels
Zhang, Q.; Ng, C.S. , Page(s): 806-811

Near-Optimal Power Allocation and Multiuser Scheduling with Outage Capacity Constraints Exploiting Only Channel Statistics Kai-Kit Wong , Page(s): 812-818

Second-Order Statistics of η-μ Fading Channels: Theory and Applications

Da Costa, D.B.; Silveira Santos, J.C.; Daoud Yacoub, M.; Fraid , Page(s): 819-824

Sphere Lower Bound for Rotated Lattice Constellations in Fading Channels

Fabregas, A.G.I.; Viterbo, E. , Page(s): 825-830

Joint Source and Space Time Decoding over Fading Channels

Chen, H.J.; Cao, L. , Page(s): 831-836

A Note on Discrete-Time Triply-Selective MIMO Rayleigh Fading Channel Models
Mietzner, J.; Xiao, C.; Hoeher, P.A.; Letaief, K.B. , Page(s): 837-837

Energy-Based TOA Estimation
D'Amico, A.A.; Mengali, U.; Taponecco, L. , Page(s): 838-847

Delay-Differentiated Scheduling in a Fading Channel
Heikkinen, T.; Hottinen, A. , Page(s): 848-856

Evaluation of Mobile Ultra Wideband Modems in Dense Multipath¿Part 2: Performance of DSSS/Rake Modems Bello, P.A. , Page(s): 857-867

A Factor Graph Approach to the Iterative Detection of OFDM Signals in the Presence of Carrier Frequency Offset and Phase Noise
Merli, F.Z.; Vitetta, G.M., Page(s): 868-877

Transmit Beamforming with AnalogChannelState Information Feedback

Page(s): 878-887

On Antijamming in General CDMA Systems-Part II: Antijamming Performance of Coded Multicarrier Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum Systems
Nikjah, R.; Beaulieu, N.C. , Page(s): 888-897

Combining Beamforming and Space-Time Coding Using Quantized Feedback
Ekbatani, S.; Jafarkhani, H. , Page(s): 898-908)

Design and Analysis of Cross-Layer Tree Algorithms for Wireless Random Access
Wang, X.; Yu, Y.; Giannakis, G.B. , Page(s): 909-919

Receive Antenna Array Strategies in Fading and Interference: An Outage Probability Comparison Romero-Jerez, J.M.; Goldsmith, A.J., Page(s): 920-932

Exclusive-Region Based Scheduling Algorithms for UWB WPAN
Kuang-Hao Liu; Lin Cai; Xuemin Shen , Page(s): 933-942

Turbo Detection of Precoded Sphere Packing Modulation Using Four Transmit Antennas for Differential Space-Time Spreading
Mohammed El-Hajj, Page(s): 943-952

Generalized Design of Multi-User MIMO Precoding Matrices
Stankovic, V.; Haardt, M. , Page(s): 953-961

Optimal Downlink OFDMA Resource Allocation with Linear Complexity to Maximize Ergodic Rates Wong, I.C.; Evans, B.L. , Page(s): 962-971

An Analytical Framework for Performance Evaluation of IPv6-Based mobility Management Protocols Makaya, C.; Pierre, S. , Page(s): 972-983

A Distributed Algorithm for Maximum Lifetime Routing in Sensor Networks with Mobile Sink
Gatzianas, M.; Georgiadis, L. , Page(s): 984-994

Distributed Space-Frequency Coding for Cooperative Diversity in Broadband Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Wei Zhang; Yabo Li; Xiang-Gen Xia; Page(s): 995-1003