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IEEE Transactions Wireless Communication Volume: 7  Issue: 6   Date: June. 2008

Table of Contents

Precoder Design for Space-Time Coded MIMO Systems with Imperfect Channel State Information
Huang, J.W.; Au, E.K.S.; Lau, V.K.N. , Page(s): 1977-1981

A New Full-band Feedback Scheme Using the Adaptive Grouping Method in OFDMA Systems
Woohyun Seo; Myeon-gyun Cho; Takki Yu; Daesik Hong , Page(s): 1982-1986

MIMO Block Spread CDMA Systems for Broadband Wireless Communications
Dharma, T.S.; Madhukumar, A.S.; Premkumar, A.B. , Page(s): 1987-1992

Improving TCP Throughput over HSDPA Networks Ren, F.; Huang, X.; Liu, F.; Lin, C. , Page(s): 1993-1998

A Dynamic Channel Assignment Scheme for TDMA-based Multihop Cellular Networks
Xue Jun Li; Chong, P.H.J. n, Page(s): 1999-2003

A New DFT-Based Channel Estimation Approach for OFDM with Virtual Subcarriers by Leakage Estimation
Kwak, K.; Lee, S.; Kim, J.; Hong, D. , Page(s): 2004-2008

On Accelerating the Computation of Weight Enumerators for Convolutional Codes
Au, E.K.S.; Wai, Page 2009-2014

Outage Probabilities of a MIMO Scheme in Shadowed Fading Channels with Micro- and Macrodiversity Reception , Page(s): 2015-2019

Application of Nonbinary LDPC Cycle Codes to MIMO Channels Ronghui Peng; Rong-Rong Chen , Page(s): 2020-2026

Systematic Expansion of Full Diversity Space-Time Multiple TCM Codes for Two Transmit Antennas
Lee, H.; Fitz, M.P. , Page(s): 2027-2032

Energy Efficiency Analysis of Channel Aware Geographic-Informed Forwarding (CAGIF) for Wireless Sensor Networks Lili Zhang; Boon-Hee Soong , Page(s): 2033-2038

EXIT Chart Analysis Aided Turbo MUD Designs for the Rank-Deficient Multiple Antenna Assisted OFDM Uplink Xu, L.; Chen, S.; Hanzo, L. , Page(s): 2039-2044

User Set Estimation for Adaptive Resource Allocation in a Multiuser-OFDM System Kim, J.; Son, K.; Kim, Page(s): 2045-2049

Low Complexity Adaptive Turbo Space-Frequency Equalization for Single-Carrier Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Systems Wu, Y.; Zhu, X.; Nandi, A.K. , Page(s): 2050-2056

A New Time of Arrival Estimation Method Using UWB Dual Pulse Signals
Zhang, R.; Dong, X. , Page(s): 2057-2062

Scheduling Algorithms for Time-Varying Downlink Channels Jang, E.W.; Younggeun Cho; J.M. , Page(s): 2063-2068

MRC Analysis of Cooperative Diversity with Fixed-Gain Relays in Nakagami-m Fading Channels
Shin, H.; Song, J.B. , Page(s): 2069-2074

Optimization of CDMA Systems with Respect to Transmission Probability, Part I: Mutual Information Rate Optimization Bergel, I.; Messer, H. , Page(s): 2075-2083

Optimization of CDMA Systems with Respect to Transmission Probability, Part II: Signal to Noise Plus Interference Ratio Optimization Bergel, I.; Messer, H. , Page(s): 2084-2093

Bandwidth-Guaranteed Fair Scheduling with Effective Excess Bandwidth Allocation for Wireless Networks
Yaxin Cao; Ka-Cheong Leung; Li, V.O.K. , Page(s): 2094-2105

Optimal Diversity Performance of Space Time Block Codes in Correlated Distributed MIMO Channels
Han, S.; Wang, J.; Li, V.O.K.; Zhou, S.; Park, K. , Page(s): 2106-2118

Enhanced QoS Multicast Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks
Rong, B.; Qian, Y.; Lu, K.; Hu, R.Q. , Page(s): 2119-2130

Fixing the Complexity of the Sphere Decoder for MIMO Detection
Barbero, L.G.; Thompson, J.S. , Page(s): 2131-2142

Spectral Efficiency Enhancement in Multi-Channel Systems Using Redundant Transmission and Diversity Reception Haewoon Nam; Young-Chai Ko; Mohamed-Slim Alouini , Page(s): 2143-2153

Performance Evaluation of Wireless Cellular Networks with Mixed Channel Holding Times
Li, W.; Fang, Y. , Page(s): 2154-2160

Robust Optimization Models for Energy-Limited Wireless Sensor Networks under Distance Uncertainty
Ye, W.; Ordonez, F. , Page(s): 2161-2169

A Software-Defined Radio System for Backscatter Sensor Networks Vannucci, G.; Bletsas, A.; Leigh, D. , Page(s): 2170-2179

Guaranteeing Secrecy using Artificial Noise Goel, S.; Negi, R.Page(s): 2180-2189

Resource Allocation for Delay Differentiated Traffic in Multiuser OFDM Systems
Meixia Tao; Ying-Chang Liang; Fan Zhang , Page(s): 2190-2201

Noncoherent Multiple-Symbol Detection in Coded Ultra-wideband Communications Tian, Y.; Yang, C. , Page(s): 2202-2211

Low-Complexity EM-based Joint Acquisition of the Carrier Frequency Offset and IQ Imbalance
Horlin, F.; Bourdoux, A.; Van Der Perre, L. , Page(s): 2212-2220

A Distributed Subset Selection Algorithm for a Set of Mobile Links with Power Control Chun-Chia Chen; Page 2221-2230

Asymptotic Capacity Bounds for Wireless Networks with Non-Uniform Traffic Patterns Toumpis, S. , Page(s): 2231-2242

Cross-Layer Performance Analysis of Multiclass Services in a Multi-Time-Hopping PPM UWB System with Rake Receivers Wong, D.T.C.; Mark, J.W.; Kee Chaing Chua , Page(s): 2243-2252

Enhancements on Router-Assisted Congestion Control for Wireless Networks Pu, J.; Hamdi, M. , Page(s): 2253-2260

Active Queue Management with Dual Virtual Proportional Integral Queues for TCP Uplink/Downlink Fairness in Infrastructure WLANs
Xia, Q.; Jin, X.; Hamdi, M. , Page(s): 2261-2271

On the Ergodic Capacity of MIMO Triply Selective Rayleigh Fading Channels Xiao, C.; Zheng, Y.R. , Page(s): 2272-2279

Random Access with Multi-Packet Reception Dua, A. , Page(s): 2280-2288

Performance of Rake Receivers in IR-UWB Networks Using Energy-Efficient Power Control
Bacci, G.; Luise, M.; Poor, H.V. , Page(s): 2289-2299

Linear Precoding for MIMO Channels with Outdated Channel State Information in Multiuser Space-Time Block Coded Systems with Multi-Packet Reception Au, E.K.S.; Huang, J.W.; Lau, V.K.N. , Page(s): 2300-2306

Parameter Estimation and Multiuser Detection for Bandlimited Long-Code CDMA Systems

Buzzi, S.; Massaro, V. , Page(s): 2307-2317

Cross-Layer-Model Based Adaptive Resource Allocation for Statistical QoS Guarantees in Mobile Wireless Networks
Tang, J.; Zhang, X. , Page(s): 2318-2328

MIMO-OFDM Channel Estimation in the Presence of Frequency Offsets
 Zhang, Z.; Zhang, W.;. , Page 2329-2339

A Renewal Theory Based Analytical Model for the Contention Access Period of IEEE 802.15.4 MAC
Ling, X.; Cheng, Y.; Mark, J.W.; Shen, X.(. , Page(s): 2340-2349

BER-Optimized Power Allocation for Fading Relay Channels
Fareed, M.M.; Uysal, M. , Page(s): 2350-2359

Robust Rate, Power and Precoder Adaptation for Slow Fading MIMO Channels with Noisy Limited Feedback Tianyu Wu; Lau, V.K.N. , Page(s): 2360-2367

A Novel Class of Algorithms for Timing Acquisition of Differential Transmitted Reference UWB Receivers: Architecture, Performance Analysis and System Design Renzo, M.D.; Annoni, L.A.; Page(s): 2368-2387

On UWB Impulse Radio Receivers Derived by Modeling MAI as a Gaussian Mixture Process
Erseghe, T.; Cellini, V.; Dona, G. , Page(s): 2388-2396

Impact of Correlation on the Capacity of Multiple Access and Broadcast Channels with MIMO-MRC
Louie, R.H.Y.; Mckay, M.R.; Collings, I.B. , Page(s): 2397-2407