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IEEE Transactions Wireless Communication Volume: 7  Issue: 7   Date: July. 2008

Table of Contents

Transactions letters - Combining long-term and low-rate short-term channel state information over correlated mimo channels Kim, T.T.; Bengtsson, M.; Larsson, E.G.; Skoglund, M. Page(s): 2409-2414

Joint power control and beamforming for cognitive radio networks
Habibul Islam; Ying-Chang Liang; Anh Tuan Hoang, Page(s): 2415-2419

Adaptive code allocation for interference management on the downlink of DS-CDMA systems
Alsusa, E.; Masouros, C., Page(s): 2420-2424

Double proportional fair user pairing algorithm for uplink virtual MIMO systems
Xia Chen; Honglin Hu; Haifeng Wang; Hsiao-Hwa Chen; Mohsen Guizani, Page(s): 2425-2429

Cooperative communications protocol for multiuser OFDM networks
Siriwongpairat, W.P.; Sadek, A.K.; Liu, K.J.R., Page(s): 2430-2435

Ml joint CFO and channel estimation in OFDM systems with timing ambiguity
Jianwu Chen; Yik-Chung Wu; Shaodan Ma; Tung-Sang Ng, Page(s): 2436-2440

On the capacity of generalized-k fading channels
Laourine, A.; Alouini, M.-S.; Page(s): 2441-2445

Full-rate distributed space-time codes for cooperative communications
Zhang, W.; Letaief, K.B., Page(s): 2446-2451

Differential diversity-embedding space-time block coding for 2 and 4 transmit antennas

Rabiei, P.; Naofal Al-Dhahir, Page(s): 2452-2457

On the degrees of freedom in linear array systems with tri-polarized antennas
Gupta, G.; Hughes, B.L.; Lazzi, G., Page(s): 2458-2462

Performance analysis of a threshold-based group-adaptive modulation scheme with adaptive subcarrier allocation in OFCDM systems
Khalid, L.; Anpalagan, A., Page(s): 2463-2467

MMSE optimal algebraic space-time codes Rajan, G.S.; Rajan, B.S., Page(s): 2468-2472

Space-time trellis codes with asynchronous full diversity up to fractional symbol delays

Yue Shang; Xiang-Gen Xia, Page(s): 2473-2479

Ricean model based design and analysis of sub-channelized orthogonal frequency division multiplexing

Yoon, S., Page(s): 2480-2485

A low complexity user scheduling algorithm for uplink multiuser MIMO systems

Zhang, Y.; Ji, C.; Liu, Y.; Malik, W.Q.; O'Brien, D.C.; Edwards, D.J., Page(s): 2486-2491

Transactions papers - Minimum selection GSC with down-link power control
Zied Bouida; Nesrine Belhaj; Mohamed-Slim Alouini; Khalid A. Qaraqe , Page(s): 2492-2501

Broadcasting energy efficiency limits in wireless networks

Song, L.; Hatzinakos, D., Page(s): 2502-2511

On the balance of multiuser diversity and spatial multiplexing gain in random beamforming
Wagner, J.; Ying-Chang Liang; Rui Zhang, Page(s): 2512-2525

Throughput maximization by utilizing multi-user diversity in slow-fading random access channels
Chan-Soo Hwang; Kibeom Seong; Cioffi, J.M., Page(s): 2526-2535

Asynchronous distributed power and rate control in ad hoc networks: a game-theoretic approach

Kucera, S.; A¿ssa, S.; Yamamoto, K.; Yoshida, S. , Page(s): 2536-2548

On the achievable sum-rate of correlated mimo multiple access channel with imperfect channel estimation

Musavian, L.; Aissa, S., Page(s): 2549-2559

Toward accurate modeling of the IEEE 802.11e EDCA under finite load and error-prone channel
Abu-Sharkh, O.M.F.; Tewfik, A.H., Page(s): 2560-2570

Using the physical layer for wireless authentication in time-variant channels
Xiao, L.; Greenstein, L.J.; Mandayam, N.B.; Trappe, W., Page(s): 2571-2579

Scheduling performance in downlink WCDMA networks with AMC and fast cell selection

Fu, H.; Kim, D.I., Page(s): 2580-2591

Cross-layer optimization frameworks for multihop wireless networks using cooperative diversity
Le, L.; Hossain, E., Page(s): 2592-2602

Efficient design of block adaptive equalization and diversity combining for space-time block-coded single-carrier systems Jong-Seob Baek; Jong-Soo Seo, Page(s): 2603-2611

Talk burst control for push-to-talk over cellular Meng-Hsun Tsai; Yi-Bing Lin, Page(s): 2612-2618

Throughput-optimal scheduling in multichannel access point networks under infrequent channel measurements
Kar, K.; Luo, X.; Sarkar, S., Page(s): 2619-2629

Detecting the presence of psk signals using composite hypothesis testing

Muharemovic, T., Page(s): 2630-2639

Multi-layer broadcasting hybrid-ARQ strategies for block fading channels
Steiner, A.; (shitz), S.S., Page(s): 2640-2650

Competitive spectrum sharing in cognitive radio networks: a dynamic game approach
Niyato, D.; Hossain, E., Page(s): 2651-2660

An em approach to multiple-access interference mitigation in asynchronous slow FHSS systems
Tan, X.; Shea, J.M., Page(s): 2661-2670

Block diagonalization for multi-user MIMO with other-cell interference
Shim, S.; Kwak, J.S.; Heath, R.W.; Andrews, J.G., Page(s): 2671-2681

Convex approximation techniques for joint multiuser downlink beamforming and admission control
Matskani, E.; Sidiropoulos, N.D.; Zhi-Quan Luo; Tassiulas, L., Page(s): 2682-2693

Channel estimation approach with variable pilot density to mitigate interference over time-selective cellular OFDM systems
Lee, S.; Kwak, K.; Kim, J.; Hong, D., Page(s): 2694-2704

A secure mobile electronic payment architecture platform for wireless mobile networks

Phone Lin; Hung-Yueh Chen; Yuguang Fang; Jeu-Yih Jeng; Fang-Sun Lu,  Page(s): 2705-2713

Utility-based radio resource allocation for QoS traffic in wireless networks
Wen-Hsing Kuo; Wanjiun Liao, Page(s): 2714-2722

Non-uniform pilot-symbol allocation for closed-loop OFDM
Panah, A.Y.; Behrang Nosrat-Makouei; Vaughan, R.G., Page(s): 2723-2731

Asymptotic tradeoff between cross-layer goodput gain and outage diversity in OFDMA systems with slow fading and delayed CSIT
Lau, V.K.N.; Wing Kwan Ng; David Shui Wing Hui, Page(s): 2732-2739

The industrial indoor channel: large-scale and temporal fading at 900, 2400, and 5200 MHz
Tanghe, E.; Joseph, W.; Verloock, L.; Martens, L.; Capoen, H.;Page(s): 2740-2751

On cognitive radio networks with opportunistic power control strategies in fading channels
Yan Chen; Guanding Yu; Zhaoyang Zhang; Hsiao-Hwa Chen; Peiliang Qiu, Page(s): 2752-2761

Impact of soft channel construction on iterative channel estimation and data decoding for multicarrier systems Yao-Nan Lee; Ashikhmin, A.; Jiunn-Tsair Chen, Page(s): 2762-2770

Combined cross-layer design and HARQ for multiuser systems with outdated channel state information at transmitter (CSIT) in slow fading channels Rui, W.; Lau, V.K.N., Page(s): 2771-2777

Block diagonal geometric mean decomposition (BD-GMD) for MIMO broadcast channels
Shaowei Lin; Ho, W.W.L.; Ying-Chang Liang, Page(s): 2778-2789

An efficient random access scheme for OFDMA systems with implicit message transmission
Ping Zhou; Honglin Hu; Haifeng Wang; Hsiao-Hwa Chen, Page(s): 2790-2797

Adaptive binary signature design for code-division multiplexing
Wei, L.; Batalama, S.N.; Pados, D.A.; Suter, B.W., Page(s): 2798-2804

A nakagami fading phase difference distribution and its impact on BER performance

Polprasert, C.; Ritcey, J.A., Page(s): 2805-2813

Cooperative communications with relay-selection: when to cooperate and whom to cooperate with?

Ibrahim, A.S.; Sadek, A.K.; Su, W.; Liu, K.J.R., Page(s): 2814-2827

Quantized-feedback optimal adaptive multi-beamforming
Nguyen, H.; Raghothaman, B., Page(s): 2828-2838