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IEEE Transactions Wireless Communication Volume: 7  Issue: 1   Date: Jan. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on wireless communications
Page(s): C1-C2

Transactions Letters - The Use of Metamodeling for VoIP over WiFi Capacity Evaluation
Jie Hui; Devetsikiotis, M. , Page(s): 1-5

Joint Pulse and Symbol Level Acquisition of UWB Receivers

Ning He; Tepedelenlioglu, C. , Page(s): 6-14

Performance Analysis of Multiuser Diversity in MIMO Systems with Antenna Selection
Xing Zhang; Zhaobiao Lv; Wenbo Wang , Page(s): 15-21

Proportional Fairness in Multi¿Carrier System with Multi¿Slot Frames: Upper Bound and User Multiplexing Algorithms
Kaneko, M.; Popovski, P , Page(s): 22-26

Resource Allocation for Multicast Services in Multicarrier Wireless Communications
Changho Suh; Jeonghoon Mo , Page(s): 27-31

Tradeoff Analysis of Performance and Complexity on GSECps Diversity Combining Scheme Hong-Chuan Yang; Le Yang , Page(s): 32-36

Cross-Layer Congestion and Contention Control for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Yingqun Yu; Giannakis, G.B. , Page(s): 37-42

A Low Complexity Decoding Algorithm for Extended Turbo Product Codes
Changlong Xu; Ying-Chang Liang; Wing Seng Leon , Page(s): 43-47

Decoding, Performance Analysis, and Optimal Signal Designs for Coordinate Interleaved Orthogonal Designs Dao, D.N.; Tellambura, C. , Page(s): 48-53

Timing with Dirty Templates for Low-Resolution Digital UWB Receivers
Huilin Xu; Liuqing Yang , Page(s): 54-59

Rate and Power Allocation for Multiuser OFDM: An Effective Heuristic Verified by Branch-and-Bound Feiten, A.; Mathar, R.; Reyer, M. ,Page(s): 60-64

Iterative Channel Estimators in V-BLAST OFDM Systems
Kim, J.; Stuber, G.L.; Li, Y.G. , Page(s): 65-71

Battery-Aware Adaptive Modulation Based on Large-Scale MDP
Kai Yang; Xiaodong Wang , Page(s): 72-77

A Capacity Analysis Method for Uplinks in DS/CDMA Cellular Systems with Imperfect SIR-Based Power Control and Multipath Fading Chang; Wen-H Page: 78-83

Turbo Coded OFDM for Reducing PAPR and Error Rates Yung-Chih Tsai; Shang-Kang Deng; Kuan-Cheng Chen; Mao-Chao Lin , Page(s): 84-89

Transactions Papers - A Blind Adaptive MMSE Multiuser Detector over Multipath CDMA Channels and its Analysis
Xin Liu; Kah Chan Teh; Gunawa , Page(s): 90-97

MEERA: Cross-Layer Methodology for Energy Efficient Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks
Pollin, S.; Mangharam, R.; Bougard, B.; Van der , Page(s): 98-109

On the Fundamental Tradeoff of Spatial Diversity and Spatial Multiplexing of MISO/SIMO Links with Imperfect CSIT
Lim, A.; Lau, V.K.N. , Page(s): 110-117

Selection Cooperation in Multi-Source Cooperative Networks
Beres, E.; Adve, R. , Page(s): 118-127

A Queue-Based Approach to Power Control in Wireless Communication Networks
Chisci, L.; Fantacci, R.; Mucchi, L.; Pecorella, T. , Page(s): 128-134

A High-Throughput MAC Protocol for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Wanrong Yu; Jiannong Cao; Xingming Zhou; Xiaodong Wang; Chan, Page(s): 135-145

Performance of S + N Selection Diversity Receivers in Correlated Rician and Rayleigh Fading Haghani, S.; Beaulieu, N.C. , Page(s): 146-154

Asynchronous Interference Mitigation in Cooperative Base Station Systems
Hongyuan Zhang; Mehta, N.B.; Molisch, A.F.; Jin Zhang; Huaiy , Page(s): 155-165

Inter-Group Complementary Codes for Interference-Resistant CDMA Wireless Communications Jing Li; Aiping Huang; Guizani, M.; Hsia , Page(s): 166-174

Multi-Dimensional Detector for UWB Ranging Systems in Dense Multipath Environments Song, S.H.; Zhang, Q.T. , Page(s): 175-183

Quasi-Orthogonal Space-Frequency and Space-Time-Frequency Block Codes for MIMO OFDM Channels Fazel, F.; Jafarkhani, H. , Page(s): 184-192

Throughput Analysis of TCP-Friendly Rate Control in Mobile Hotspots
Sangheon Pack; Xuemin Shen; Mark, J.W.; Lin Cai , Page(s): 193-203

Joint Turbo Frequency Domain Equalization and Carrier Synchronization
Sabbaghian, M.; Falconer, D., Page(s): 204-212

Successive-Capture Analysis of RTS/CTS in Ad-Hoc Networks
Chin Keong Ho; Linnartz, J.-P.M.G. , Page(s): 213-223

LKE: A Self-Configuring Scheme for Location-Aware Key Establishment in Wireless Sensor Networks Fang Liu; Xiuzhen Cheng , Page(s): 224-232

Improved BDFE Using A Priori Information for Turbo Equalization
Jingxian Wu; Sang-Yick Leong; Kah-Ping Lee; Chengshan Xiao; Oli , Page(s): 233-240

Distributed Decoding in a Cellular Multiple-Access Channel

Aktas, E.; Evans, J.; Hanly, S. , Page(s): 241-250

Asymptotic Bounds of Information Dissemination in Power-Constrained Wireless Networks
Rong Zheng , Page(s): 251-259

Buffer Control to Support a Seamless Stream Handoff in a WLAN that Employs Simulcast Streaming
Sheau-Ru Tong; Sheng-Hsiung Yang ,Page(s): 260-268

Flow Allocation in Multi-hop Wireless Networks: A Cross-Layer Approach
Kun-Da Wu; Wanjiun Liao , Page(s): 269-276

Solving Box-Constrained Integer Least Squares Problems
Xiao-Wen Chang; Qing Han ,Page(s): 277-287

Optimal and Distributed Scheduling for Multicell Capacity Maximization
Kiani, S.G.; Gesbert, D. ,Page(s): 288-297

Network Localization with Biased Range Measurements
Weiss, A.J.; Picard, J.S. ,Page(s): 298-304

Service Time Approximation in IEEE 802.11 Single-Hop Ad Hoc Networks
Abdrabou, A.; Zhuang, W. ,Page(s): 305-313

On Multi-User EXIT Chart Analysis Aided Turbo-Detected MBER Beamformer Designs Shuang Tan; Sheng Chen; Hanzo, L.Page(s): 314-323

Shannon Capacity and Symbol Error Rate of Space-Time Block Codes in MIMO Rayleigh Channels With Channel estimation Error
Ahn, K.S.; HeaPage(s): 324-333

An Enhanced Fast Handover with Low Latency for Mobile IPv6
Ruidong Li; Jie Li; Kui Wu; Yang Xiao; Jiang Xie Page(s): 334-342

Applications of Multi-Objective Optimization Techniques in Radio Resource Scheduling of Cellular Communication Systems Elmusrati, M.; El-Sall ,Page: 343-353

Secure and Fault-Tolerant Event Boundary Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
Ren, K.; Zeng, K.; Lou, W. ,Page(s): 354-363