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IEEE Transactions Wireless Communication Volume: 7  Issue: 2   Date: Feb. 2008

Table of Contents

Status report on the IEEE transactions on wireless communications
Bhargava, V.K. , Page(s): 433-433

Modeling wireless fading channels via stochastic differential equations: identification and estimation based on noisy measurements

Charalambous, C.D.; Bultitude, R.J.C.; Li, X.; Zhan, J. , Page(s): 434-439

Efficient optimal and suboptimal radio resource allocation in OFDMA system
Zhiwei Mao; Xianmin Wang , Page(s): 440-445

TH-CDMA-PPM with Noncoherent Detection for Low Rate WPAN

Song, S.H.; Zhang, Q.T. , Page(s): 446-451

Simplified receiver design for STBC binary continuous phase modulation
Xian, L.; Punnoose, R.; Liu, H. , Page(s): 452-457

Multiple-access interference suppression employing block-adaptation filtering technique in multipath DS-CDMA Chia-Chang Hu; Hsuan-Yu Lin , Page(s): 458-463

Weighted max-min fair beamforming, power control, and scheduling for a MISO downlink Bongyong Song; Yih-Hao Lin; Cruz, R.L. , Page(s): 464-469

Distributed closed-loop spatial multiplexing for uplink multiuser systems
Ko, Y.; Tepedelenlioglu, C. , Page(s): 470-474

Comments on ¿asymptotic eigenvalue distributions and capacity for mimo channels under correlated fading¿ [1] Levin, G.; Loyka, S. , Page(s): 475-479

A comment on accurate bit¿error rate evaluation for synchronous MC¿CDMA over Nakagmi¿M¿fading channels using moment generating functions

Nadarajah, S. , Page(s): 480-481

Channel predictive proportional fair scheduling
Bang, H.J.; Ekman, T.; Gesbert, D. , Page(s): 482-487

On the capacity of multiuser MIMO networks with interference

Liu, J.; Hou, Y.T.; Shi, Y.; Sherali, H.D.; Kompella, S. , Page(s): 488-494

Finger assignment schemes for RAKE receivers with multiple-way soft handover
Seyeong Choi; Alouini, M.-S.; Qaraqe, K.A.; Hong-Chuan Yang , Page(s): 495-499

Improved receivers for generalized UWB transmitted reference systems
Chen, Y.; Beaulieu, N.C. , Page(s): 500-504

An efficient quiet period management scheme for cognitive radio systems

Wha Sook Jeon; Dong Geun Jeong; Jeong Ae Han; Gwangzeen Ko; Page(s): 505-509

Modeling, analysis, and simulation of MIMO mobile-to-mobile fading channels
Patzold, M.; Hogstad, B.O.; Youssef, N. , Page(s): 510-520

Nested cooperative encoding protocol for wireless networks with high energy efficiency Genyuan Wang; Jian-Kang Zhang; Amin, M.G.; Kon , Page(s): 521-531

A novel approach to model the land mobile satellite channel through reversible jump markov chain monte carlo technique Alasseur, C.; Scalise, S.; Page(s): 532-542

Electromagnetic considerations for communicating on correlated MIMO channels with covariance information Wallace, J.W.; Jensen, M.A. , Page(s): 543-551

Distributed power allocation strategies for parallel relay networks
Min Chen; Serbetli, S.; Yener, A. , Page(s): 552-561

Asymptotic statistics of mutual information for doubly correlated MIMO channels
Hyundong Shin; Win, M.Z.; Chiani, M. , Page(s): 562-573

Adaptive network coded cooperation (ANCC) for wireless relay networks: matching code-on-graph with network-on-graph Xingkai Bao; Jing Li , Page(s): 574-583

An optimization framework for balancing throughput and fairness in wireless networks with QoS support Ho Ting Cheng; Weihua Zhuang , Page(s): 584-593

Generalized feedback detection for spatial multiplexing multi-antenna systems
Tao Cui; Tellambura, C. , Page(s): 594-603

Spatial correlation in ultrawideband channels
Malik, W.Q. , Page(s): 604-610

Multichannel wireless scheduling under limited terminal capability
Young-June Choi; Saewoong Bahk , Page(s): 611-617

Optimal transmission strategies for rayleigh fading relay channels
Yonglan Zhu; Yan Xin; Pooi-Yuen Kam , Page(s): 618-628

Fractional-delay sequential blind beamforming for wireless multipath communications in confined areas Fares, S.A.; Denidni, T.A.; Affes, Page(s): 629-638

A framework for a distributed key management scheme in heterogeneous wireless sensor networks Kejie Lu; Yi Qian; Guizani, M.; Hsiao-Hwa Chen , Page(s): 639-647

Joint channel and frequency offset estimation in distributed MIMO flat-fading channels The-Hanh Pham; Nallanathan, A.; Ying-Chang Liang , Page(s): 648-656

Optimal linear dispersion codes for correlated MIMO channels
Che Lin; Veeravalli, V.V. , Page(s): 657-666

Coverage for target localization in wireless sensor networks
Wei Wang; Srinivasan, V.; Bang Wang; Kee-Chaing Chua , Page(s): 667-676

Design of cyclic delay diversity for single carrier cyclic prefix (SCCP) transmissions with block-iterative GDFE (BI-GDFE) receiver
Ying-Chang Liang; Page(s): 677-684

Power-efficient wireless OFDMA using limited-rate feedback
Marques, A.G.; Giannakis, G.B.; Digham, F.F.; Ramos, F.J. , Page(s): 685-696

An incentive-based fairness mechanism for multi-hop wireless backhaul networks with selfish nodes Jeng Farn Lee; Wanjiun Liao; Meng Chang Chen , Page(s): 697-704

Coherent opportunistic beamforming with partial channel information in multiuser wireless systems Jae-Yun Ko; Dong-Chan Oh; Yong-Hwan Lee , Page(s): 705-713

The capacity gain from intercell scheduling in multi-antenna systems
Wan Choi; Andrews, J.G. , Page(s): 714-725

An optimal soft handoff algorithm for rayleigh fading channels
Sae-Young Chung; Humblet, P.A. , Page(s): 726-735

Linear precoder optimization for ARQ packet retransmissions in centralized multiuser MIMO uplinks Zhihua Shi; Haitong Sun; Chunming Zhao; Page(s): 736-745

On partial transmit sequences for PAR reduction in OFDM systems
Trung Thanh Nguyen; Lampe, L. , Page(s): 746-755

Fault-tolerant decision fusion via collaborative sensor fault detection in wireless sensor networks Tsang-Yi Wang; Li-Yuan Chang; Dyi-Rong Duh; Page(s): 756-768