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IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering—January -Feburary 2008 (Vol. 34, No. 1)

Table of Contents

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State of the Journal Address
Jeff Kramer

Special Section on Software Engineering for Secure Systems

Guest Editors' Introduction: Special Section on Software Engineering for Secure Systems
Patrick McDaniel, Bashar Nuseibeh

Analyzing Regulatory Rules for Privacy and Security Requirements
Travis D. Breaux, Annie I. Antón

Privately Finding Specifications
Westley Weimer, Nina Mishra

Semantics-Based Design for Secure Web Services
Massimo Bartoletti, Pierpaolo Degano, Gian Luigi Ferrari, Roberto Zunino

Provable Protection against Web Application Vulnerabilities Related to Session Data Dependencies
Lieven Desmet, Pierre Verbaeten, Wouter Joosen, Frank Piessens

WASP: Protecting Web Applications Using Positive Tainting and Syntax-Aware Evaluation
William G.J. Halfond, Alessandro Orso, Panagiotis Manolios

Applying Formal Methods to a Certifiably Secure Software System
Constance L. Heitmeyer, Myla M. Archer, Elizabeth I. Leonard, John D. McLean


Call-Stack Coverage for GUI Test Suite Reduction
Scott McMaster, Atif M. Memon

On the Need for Mixed Media in Distributed Requirements Negotiations
Daniela Damian, Filippo Lanubile, Teresa Mallardo

Security Requirements Engineering: A Framework for Representation and Analysis
Charles B. Haley, Robin Laney, Jonathan D. Moffett, Bashar Nuseibeh

2007 Reviewer's List

2007 Reviewer's List

Call for Papers

Call for Papers for Special Issue on Evaluation and Improvement of Software Dependability

Call for Papers for Special Issue on Software Language Engineering

Call for Papers for Special Issue on Search-Based Optimization For Software Engineering

2007 Annual Index

2007 Annual Index

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