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IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing Volume: 56  Issue: 5   Date: May. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing publication information , Page(s): C2-C2

Nonparametric Detection of FM Signals Using Time-Frequency Ridge Energy
Peng-Lang Shui; Zheng Bao; Hong-Tao Su , Page(s): 1749-1760

Impact of Channel Errors on Decentralized Detection Performance of Wireless Sensor Networks: A Study of Binary Modulations, Rayleigh-Fading and Nonfading Channels, and Fusion-Combiners
Kanchumarthy, V.R.; Viswanathan, R.; Madishetty, M. , Page(s): 1761-1769

Exact and Approximate Solutions of Source Localization Problems
Beck, A.; Stoica, P.; Jian Li , Page(s): 1770-1778

Approximate Maximum-Likelihood Period Estimation From Sparse, Noisy Timing Data Clarkson, I.V.L. , Page(s): 1779-1787

Universal Weighted MSE Improvement of the Least-Squares Estimator
Eldar, Y.C. , Page(s): 1788-1800

Filter Bank Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radios

Farhang-Boroujeny, B. , Page(s): 1801-1811

Speech Signal Enhancement Based on MAP Algorithm in the ICA Space
Xin Zou; Jancovic, P.; Ju Liu; Kokuer, M. , Page(s): 1812-1820

Nonminimum Phase Identification Based on Higher Order Spectrum Slices
Kachenoura, A.; Albera, L.; Bellanger, J.-J.; Senhadji, L. , Page(s): 1821-1829

Audio Denoising by Time-Frequency Block Thresholding
Guoshen Yu; Mallat, S.; Bacry, E. , Page(s): 1830-1839

Stochastic Modeling of the Transform-Domain $varepsilon {rm LMS}$ Algorithm
Lobato, E.M.; Tobias, O.J.; Seara, R. , Page(s): 1840-1852

An Affine Combination of Two LMS Adaptive Filters—Transient Mean-Square Analysis
Bershad, N.J.; Bermudez, J.C.M.; Tourneret, J.-Y. , Page(s): 1853-1864

Diffusion Recursive Least-Squares for Distributed Estimation Over Adaptive Networks
Cattivelli, F.S.; Lopes, C.G.; Sayed, A.H. , Page(s): 1865-1877

A New Robust Variable Step-Size NLMS Algorithm
Vega, L.R.; Rey, H.; Benesty, J.; Tressens, S. , Page(s): 1878-1893

Alias-Free Subband Adaptive Filtering With Critical Sampling
Sang Gyun Kim; Yoo, C.D.; Nguyen, T.Q. , Page(s): 1894-1904

Fast Algorithms for Polynomial Time-Frequency Transforms of Real-Valued Sequences Guoan Bi; Yingtuo Ju; Xiumei Li , Page(s): 1905-1915

Estimation in Gaussian Graphical Models Using Tractable Subgraphs: A Walk-Sum Analysis Chandrasekaran, V.; Johnson, J.K.; Willsky, A.S. , Page(s): 1916-1930

Radar HRRP Statistical Recognition: Parametric Model and Model Selection
Lan Du; Hongwei Liu; Zheng Bao , Page(s): 1931-1944

On the Resolution Probability of MUSIC in Presence of Modeling Errors
Ferreol, A.; Larzabal, P.; Viberg, M. , Page(s): 1945-1953

Eigenvalue Beamforming Using a Multirank MVDR Beamformer and Subspace Selection Pezeshki, A.; Van Veen, B.D.; Scharf, L.L.; Cox, Page(s): 1954-1967

A Two-Stage Approach to Estimate the Angles of Arrival and the Angular Spreads of Locally Scattered Sources Souden, M.; Affes, S.; Benesty, J. , Page(s): 1968-1983

Radar Detection and Classification of Jamming Signals Belonging to a Cone Class
Greco, M.; Gini, F.; Farina, A. , Page(s): 1984-1993

Dictionary Preconditioning for Greedy Algorithms
Schnass, K.; Vandergheynst, P. , Page(s): 1994-2002

Detection of PPM-UWB Random Signals
Lopez-Salcedo, J.A.; Vazquez, G. , Page(s): 2003-2016

Trace-Orthogonal Space-Time Coding Fasano, A.; Barbarossa, S. , Page(s): 2017-2034

Coding Schemes for User Cooperation in Low-Power Regimes
Guosen Yue; Xiaodong Wang; Zigui Yang; Host-Madsen, A. , Page(s): 2035-2049

Multicell Optimization for Diversity and Interference Mitigation
Oteri, O.; Paulraj, A. , Page(s): 2050-2061

Energy Efficient Distributed Filtering With Wireless Sensor Networks

Oka, A.; Lampe, L. , Page(s): 2062-2075

Maximal Lifetime Power and Rate Allocation for Wireless Sensor Systems With Data Distortion Constraints Li, J.C.F.; Dey, S.; Evans, J. , Page(s): 2076-2090

Smart Sleeping Policies for Energy Efficient Tracking in Sensor Networks
Fuemmeler, J.A.; Veeravalli, V.V. , Page(s): 2091-2101

Multiuser Multimedia Resource Allocation Over Multicarrier Wireless Networks
Yi Su; der van Schaar, M. , Page(s): 2102-2116

Theoretical Performance Analysis of the W-ABORT Detector
Bandiera, F.; Besson, O.; Orlando, D.; Ricci, G. , Page(s): 2117-2121

Fractional Bilinear Transform for Analog-to-Digital Conversion
Soo-Chang Pei; Hong-Jie Hsu , Page(s): 2122-2127

A Square-Root Nyquist (M) Filter Design for Digital Communication Systems
Farhang-Boroujeny, B. , Page(s): 2127-2132

Localisation of Geometric Anisotropy Olhede, S.C. , Page(s): 2133-2138

Direct Batch Evaluation of Optimal Orthonormal Eigenvectors of the DFT Matrix
Hanna, M.T. , Page(s): 2138-2143

Fast Cocyclic Jacket Transform Zhu Chen; Moon Ho Lee; Guihua Zeng , Page(s): 2143-2148

On Extending the Complex FastICA Algorithm to Noncircular Sources
Novey, M.; Adali, T. , Page(s): 2148-2154

An Improved Feedforward Frequency Offset Estimator
Tavares, G.N.; Tavares, L.M.; Petrolino, A. , Page(s): 2155-2160

Resource Allocation in ADSL Variable Length Per-Tone Equalizers
Pandey, P.K.; Moonen, M. , Page(s): 2161-2164

Data Throughputs of Noise-Limited MIMO Cellular Systems
Dongming Wang; Xiaohu You , Page(s): 2165-2170

Minimal Energy Decentralized Estimation via Exploiting the Statistical Knowledge of Sensor Noise Variance Jwo-Yuh Wu; Qian-Zhi Huang; Ta-Sung  , Page: 2171-2176

IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing Edics , Page(s): 2177-2177

IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing information for authors ,Page: 2178-2179

Quality without compromise , Page(s): 2180-2180

IEEE Signal Processing Society Information , Page(s): C3-C3