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IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing Volume: 56  Issue: 3   Date: March. 2008

Table of Contents

Spatially Adaptive Estimation via Fitted Local Likelihood Techniques
Katkovnik, V.; Spokoiny, V. , Page(s): 873-886

Robust Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Signal Detection Allowing for Amplitude Uncertainties
Somasundaram, S. D.; Jakobsson, A.; Gudmundson, E. , Page(s): 887-894

Maximum-Likelihood Estimation, the CramÉr–Rao Bound, and the Method of Scoring With Parameter Constraints Moore, T. J.; Sadler, B. M.; Kozick, R. J. , Page(s): 895-908

Covariance Matrix Estimation With Heterogeneous Samples

Besson, O.; Bidon, S.; Tourneret, J.-Y. , Page(s): 909-920

An EM Algorithm for Nonlinear State Estimation With Model Uncertainties
Zia, A.; Kirubarajan, T.; Reilly, J. P.; Yee, D.; Punithakumar, K.; Shirani, S. , Page(s): 921-936

Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for Tracking Multiple Targets With Deterministic and Stochastic Constraints Kyriakides, I.; Morrell, D.; Papandreou-Suppappola, A. , Page(s): 937-948

Signal Modeling and Classification Using a Robust Latent Space Model Based on t Distributions
Chatzis, S. P.; Kosmopoulos, D. I.; Varvarigou, T. A. , Page(s): 949-963

Asymptotically Efficient Reduced Complexity Frequency Offset and Channel Estimators for Uplink MIMO-OFDMA Systems Sezginer, S.; Bianchi, P. , Page(s): 964-979

Algebraic Joint Zero-Diagonalization and Blind Sources Separation
Chabriel, G.; Barrere, J.; Thirion-Moreau, N.; Moreau, E. , Page(s): 980-989

Performance Analysis of GPS Receivers in Non-Gaussian Noise Incorporating Precorrelation Filter and Sampling Rate
, Liu, L.; Amin, M. G. , Page(s): 990-1004

Relationship Between Geometric Translations and TLS Estimation Bias in Bearings-Only Target Localization
Dogancay, K. , Page(s): 1005-1017

Stochastic Analysis of the LMS Algorithm for System Identification With Subspace Inputs
Bershad, N. J.; Bermudez, J. C. M.; Tourneret, J.-Y. , Page(s): 1018-1027

Multiaccess Interference Suppression in Orthogonal Space–Time Block Coded MIMO Systems by Adaptive Projected Subgradient Method
Cavalcante, R. L. G.; Yamada, I. , Page(s): 1028-1042

Determination of the Number of Errors in DFT Codes Subject to Low-Level Quantization Noise
Takos, G.; Hadjicostis, C. N. , Page(s): 1043-1054

Nonideal Sampling and Regularization Theory
Ramani, S.; Van De Ville, D.; Blu, T.; Unser, M. , Page(s): 1055-1070

Causal Compensation for Erasures in Frame Representations
Boufounos, P.; Oppenheim, A. V.; Goyal, V. K. , Page(s): 1071-1082

Cooperative Learning Algorithms for Data Fusion Using Novel L1 Estimation
Xia, Y.; Kamel, M. S. , Page(s): 1083-1095

Blind Identification of Underdetermined Mixtures by Simultaneous Matrix Diagonalization
De Lathauwer, L.; Castaing, J. , Page(s): 1096-1105

Signal Interpretation of Multifunction Radars: Modeling and Statistical Signal Processing With Stochastic Context Free Grammar Wang, A.; Krishnamurthy, V. , Page(s): 1106-1119

Adaptive Polarized Waveform Design for Target Tracking Based on Sequential Bayesian Inference
Hurtado, M.; Zhao, T.; Nehorai, A. , Page(s): 1120-1133

Steepest Descent Algorithms for Optimization Under Unitary Matrix Constraint
Abrudan, T. E.; Eriksson, J.; Koivunen, V. , Page(s): 1134-1147

Design and Analysis of MMSE Pilot-Aided Cyclic-Prefixed Block Transmissions for Doubly Selective Channels Kannu, A. P.; Schniter, P. , Page(s): 1148-1160

A Low-Complexity PTS-Based Radix FFT Method for PAPR Reduction in OFDM Systems
Ghassemi, A.; Gulliver, T. A. , Page(s): 1161-1166

Efficient Bidirectional Decision-Feedback Receiver for MBOK Direct Sequence
Hwang, J.-K.; Chiu, Y.-L.; Chung, R.-L. , Page(s): 1167-1177

Reduced-Complexity Soft MIMO Detection Based on Causal and Noncausal Decision Feedback

Li, Y.; Moon, J. , Page(s): 1178-1187

Acquiring Partial CSI for Spatially Selective Transmission by Instantaneous Channel Norm Feedback
Hammarwall, D.; Bengtsson, M.; Ottersten, B. , Page(s): 1188-1204

Geographic Gossip: Efficient Averaging for Sensor Networks

Dimakis, A. G.; Sarwate, A. D.; Wainwright, M. J. , Page(s): 1205-1216

Practical Issues in Estimation Over Multiaccess Fading Channels With TBMA Wireless Sensor Networks
Gao, P.; Tepedelenlioglu, C. , Page(s): 1217-1229

Optimal Linear Precoding Strategies for Wideband Noncooperative Systems Based on Game Theory—Part I: Nash Equilibria Scutari, G.; Palomar, D. P.; Barbarossa, S. , Page(s): 1230-1249

Optimal Linear Precoding Strategies for Wideband Non-Cooperative Systems Based on Game Theory—Part II: Algorithms Scutari, G.; Palomar, D. P.; Barbarossa, S. , Page(s): 1250-1267

Quality of Service and Max-Min Fair Transmit Beamforming to Multiple Cochannel Multicast Groups

Karipidis, E.; Sidiropoulos, N. D.; Luo, Z.-Q. , Page(s): 1268-1279

Robust Intervention in Probabilistic Boolean Networks

Pal, R.; Datta, A.; Dougherty, E. R. , Page(s): 1280-1294

A Comment on “Transient Detection With Cross Wavelet Transforms and Wavelet Coherence”
Nadarajah, S. , Page(s): 1295-1295

IIR Approximation of FIR Filters Via Discrete-Time Vector Fitting
Wong, N.; Lei, C.-U. , Page(s): 1296-1302

Quickest Detection and Tracking of Spawning Targets Using Monopulse Radar Channel Signals
Isaac, A.; Willett, P.; Bar-Shalom, Y. , Page(s): 1302-1308

Comments on “Performance Analysis of a Deterministic Channel Estimator for Block Transmission Systems With Null Guard Intervals” Su, B.; Vaidyanathan, P. P. , Page(s): 1308-1309

IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing Edics , Page(s): 1310-1310