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IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing Volume: 56  Issue: 6   Date: Jun. 2008

Table of Contents

Estimation From Relative Measurements: Electrical Analogy and Large Graphs
Barooah, P.; Hespanha, J. P. , Page(s): 2181-2193

Linear Regression With Gaussian Model Uncertainty: Algorithms and Bounds
Wiesel, A.; Eldar, Y. C.; Yeredor, A. , Page(s): 2194-2205

Performance Analysis of Covariance Matrix Estimates in Impulsive Noise
Pascal, F.; Forster, P.; Ovarlez, J.-P.; Larzabal, P. , Page(s): 2206-2217

A CramÉr-Rao Bound Characterization of the EM-Algorithm Mean Speed of Convergence Herzet, C.; Ramon, V.; Renaux, A.; Vandendorpe, L. , Page(s): 2218-2228

Target Tracking by Particle Filtering in Binary Sensor Networks
Djuric, P. M.; Vemula, M.; Bugallo, M. F. , Page(s): 2229-2238

Asymptotic Properties of Order Statistics Correlation Coefficient in the Normal Cases
Xu, W.; Chang, C.; Hung, Y. S.; Fung, P. C. W. , Page(s): 2239-2248

On the Description of Spectrogram Probabilities With a Chi-Squared Law
Huillery, J.; Millioz, F.; Martin, N. , Page(s): 2249-2258

Evolutionary Coherence of Nonstationary Signals
Ombao, H.; Van Bellegem, S. , Page(s): 2259-2266

Blind Source Separation in the Time-Frequency Domain Based on Multiple Hypothesis Testing
Cirillo, L.; Zoubir, A.; Amin, M. , Page(s): 2267-2279

Convergence of a Class of Decentralized Beamforming Algorithms
Bucklew, J. A.; Sethares, W. A. , Page(s): 2280-2288

A Novel Scheme for the Design of Approximate Hilbert Transform Pairs of Orthonormal Wavelet Bases Shi, H.; Hu, B.; Zhang, J. Q. , Page(s): 2289-2297

On the Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Packet and $M$-Band Transforms
Bayram, I.; Selesnick, I. W. , Page(s): 2298-2310

Error Analysis of Frame Reconstruction From Noisy Samples

Aldroubi, A.; Leonetti, C.; Sun, Q. , Page(s): 2311-2325

Robust Patterns in Recurrent Sampling of Multiband Signals
Berman, L.; Feuer, A. , Page(s): 2326-2333

A Theory for Sampling Signals From a Union of Subspaces

Lu, Y. M.; Do, M. N. , Page(s): 2334-2345

Bayesian Compressive Sensing Ji, S.; Xue, Y.; Carin, L. , Page(s): 2346-2356

Tridiagonal Commuting Matrices and Fractionalizations of DCT and DST Matrices of Types I, IV, V, and VIII Pei, S.-C.; Hsue, W.-L. , Page(s): 2357-2369

Gradient Pursuits
Blumensath, T.; Davies, M. E. , Page(s): 2370-2382

Digital Computation of Linear Canonical Transforms
Koc, A.; Ozaktas, H. M.; Candan, C.; Kutay, M. A. , Page(s): 2383-2394

Particle Filters for Joint Blind Equalization and Decoding in Frequency-Selective Channels Bordin, C. J.; Bruno, M. G. S. , Page(s): 2395-2405

Broadband Interference Suppression Performance of Minimum Redundancy Arrays
Duan, H.; Ng, B. P.; See, C. M. S.; Fang, J. , Page(s): 2406-2416

Constrained Tensor Modeling Approach to Blind Multiple-Antenna CDMA Schemes
de Almeida, A. L. F.; Favier, G.; Mota, J. C. M. , Page(s): 2417-2428

A Constrained Factor Decomposition With Application to MIMO Antenna Systems

de Almeida, A. L. F.; Favier, G.; Mota, J. C. M.
Page(s): 2429-2442

A Frame Construction and a Universal Distortion Bound for Sparse Representations

Akcakaya, M.; Tarokh, V. , Page(s): 2443-2450

Performance of Quantized Equal Gain Transmission With Noisy Feedback Channels
Murthy, C. R.; Zheng, J.; Rao, B. D. , Page(s): 2451-2460

A New Full-Rate Full-Diversity Space-Time Block Code With Nonvanishing Determinants and Simplified Maximum-Likelihood Decoding
Paredes, J. M.; Gershman, A. B.; Gharavi-Alkhansari, M. , Page(s): 2461-2469

Blind Adaptive Constrained Reduced-Rank Parameter Estimation Based on Constant Modulus Design for CDMA Interference Suppression de Lamare, R. C.; Haardt, M.; Sampaio-Neto, R. , Page(s): 2470-2482

Krylov Subspace Algorithms and Circulant-Embedding Method for Efficient Wideband Single-Carrier Equalization Guan, R.; Strohmer, T. , Page(s): 2483-2495

Digital Compensation of I/Q Imbalance Effects in Space-Time Coded Transmit Diversity Systems Zou, Y.; Valkama, M.; Renfors, M. , Page(s): 2496-2508

Non-Redundant Precoding-Based Blind and Semi-Blind Channel Estimation for MIMO Block Transmission With a Cyclic Prefix Shin, C.; Heath,, R. W.; Page(s): 2509-2523

Capacity Limits of Multiple Antenna Multicasting Using AntennaSubsetSelection
Park, S. Y.; Love, D. J. , Page(s): 2524-2534

On the Impact of Node Failures and Unreliable Communications in Dense Sensor Networks Tay, W. P.; Tsitsiklis, J. N.; Win, M. Z. , Page(s): 2535-2546

Collaborative Event-Region and Boundary-Region Detections in Wireless Sensor Networks Wang, T.-Y.; Cheng, Q. , Page(s): 2547-2561

Efficient Sensor Management Policies for Distributed Target Tracking in Multihop Sensor Networks Aeron, S.; Saligrama, V.; Castanon, D. A. , Page(s): 2562-2574

Optimal Channel-Aware ALOHA Protocol for Random Access in WLANs With Multipacket Reception and Decentralized ChannelState Information

Ngo, M. H.; Krishnamurthy, V.; Tong, L. , Page(s): 2575-2588

Square-Root Quadrature Kalman Filtering Arasaratnam, I.; Haykin, S., Page(s): 2589-2593

Waveform Synthesis for Diversity-Based Transmit Beampattern Design
Stoica, P.; Li, J.; Zhu, X. , Page(s): 2593-2598

On Using a priori Knowledge in Space-Time Adaptive Processing

Stoica, P.; Li, J.; Zhu, X.; Guerci, J. R. , Page(s): 2598-2602

Blind CFO Estimation for Noncritically Sampled FMT Systems
Fusco, T.; Petrella, A.; Tanda, M. , Page(s): 2603-2608

Topology for Distributed Inference on Graphs Kar, S.; Aldosari, S , Page(s): 2609-2613

Closed-Form Formulae for Time-Difference-of-Arrival Estimation
So, H. C.; Chan, Y. T.; Chan, F. K. W. , Page(s): 2614-2620

IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing Edics , Page(s): 2621-2621

IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing information for authors , Page(s): 2622-2623

IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing
Page(s): 2624-2624