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IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing Volume: 56  Issue: 7   Date: Jul Part 2. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing publication information
Page(s): C2-C2

ARMA Prediction of Widely Linear Systems by Using the Innovations Algorithm
Navarro-Moreno, J. Page(s): 3061-3068

A $q$-Parameterized Deterministic Annealing EM Algorithm Based on Nonextensive Statistical Mechanics Guo, W.; Cui, S. Page(s): 3069-3080

Approximate Calibration-Free Trajectory Reconstruction in a Wireless Network
Almudevar, A. Page(s): 3081-3088

Frequency Domain Analysis of Signals With Stochastic Sampling Times
Eng, F.; Gunnarsson, F.; Gustafsson, F. Page(s): 3089-3099

Boundedness Behavior of the Spectral Factorization for Polynomial Data in the Wiener Algebra Boche, H.; Pohl, V. Page(s): 3100-3107

Bias Corrected PSD Estimation for an Adaptive Array With Moving Interference
Jeffs, B. D.; Warnick, K. F. Page(s): 3108-3121

Diffusion Least-Mean Squares Over Adaptive Networks: Formulation and Performance Analysis Lopes, C. G.; Sayed, A. H. Page(s): 3122-3136

Improving the Tracking Capability of Adaptive Filters via Convex Combination
Silva, M. T. M.; Nascimento, V. H. Page(s): 3137-3149

Low-Complexity RLS Algorithms Using Dichotomous Coordinate Descent Iterations Zakharov, Y. V.; White, G. P.; Liu, J. Page(s): 3150-3161

Filter Design With Low Complexity Coefficients
Skaf, J.; Boyd, S. P. Page(s): 3162-3169

There Exists No Globally Uniformly Convergent Reconstruction for the Paley–Wiener Space ${{cal PW}}_{pi}^{1}$ of Bandlimited Functions Sampled at Nyquist Rate Boche, H.; Monich, U. J. Page(s): 3170-3179

Hybrid Filter Banks With Fractional Delays: Minimax Design and Application to Multichannel Sampling Nguyen, H. T.; Do, M. N. Page(s): 3180-3190

Mathematical Complexity of Running Filters on Semi-Groups and Related Problems Coltuc, D. Page(s): 3191-3197

Higher-Order SVD-Based Subspace Estimation to Improve the Parameter Estimation Accuracy in Multidimensional Harmonic Retrieval Problems
Haardt, M.; Roemer, F.; Del Galdo, G. Page(s): 3198-3213

On Doubly Selective Channel Estimation Using Superimposed Training and Discrete Prolate Spheroidal Sequences He, S.; Tugnait, J. K. Page(s): 3214-3228

Energy Efficient Signal Detection in Sensor Networks Using Ordered Transmissions Blum, R. S.; Sadler, B. M. Page(s): 3229-3235

Bit and Power Loading for OFDM-Based Three-Node Relaying Communications
Ma, Y.; Yi, N.; Tafazolli, R. Page(s): 3236-3247

High SNR Performance Analysis of Blind Minimum Output Energy Receivers for Large DS-CDMA Systems Zarifi, K.; Gershman, A. B. Page(s): 3248-3260

Iterative Joint Channel Estimation and Multiuser Detection for DS-CDMA in Frequency-Selective Fading Channels Wu, S.-H.; Mitra, U.; Kuo, Page(s): 3261-3277

Utilizing the Spatial Information Provided by Channel Norm Feedback in SDMA Systems Hammarwall, D.; Bengtsson, M.; Ottersten, B. Page(s): 3278-3293

Multimode Transmission for Multiuser MIMO Systems With Block Diagonalization
Chen, R.; Shen, Z.; Andrews, J. G.; Heath, R. W. Page(s): 3294-3302

Antenna Selection in Space-Time Block Coded Systems: Performance Analysis and Low-Complexity Algorithm Chen, C.-Y.; Sezgin, A.; Cioffi, Page(s): 3303-3314

Sensor Networks With Random Links: Topology Design for Distributed Consensus Kar, S.; Moura, J. M. F. Page(s): 3315-3326

Inference of Noisy Nonlinear Differential Equation Models for Gene Regulatory Networks Using Genetic Programming and Kalman Filtering
Qian, L.; Wang, H.; Dougherty, E. R. Page(s): 3327-3339

Fast and Accurate Computation of the Myriad Filter via Branch-and-Bound Search
Nunez, R. C.; Gonzalez, J. G.; Arce, G. R.; Nolan, J. P. Page(s): 3340-3346

On Kalman Smoothing With Random Packet Loss
Leong, A. S.; Dey, S.; Evans, J. S. Page(s): 3346-3351

Modified Pisarenko Harmonic Decomposition for Single-Tone Frequency Estimation Lui, K. W. K.; So, H. C. Page(s): 3351-3356

Bounds for Estimation of Covariance Matrices From Heterogeneous Samples
Besson, O.; Bidon, S.; Tourneret, J.-Y. Page(s): 3357-3362

Cross Entropy Approximation of Structured Gaussian Covariance Matrices
Liou, C.-Y.; Musicus, B. R. Page(s): 3362-3367

Comments on “Statistical Analysis of the Nonhomogeneity Detector for Non-Gaussian Interference BackgroundsNadarajah, S. Page(s): 3367-3369

Sampled-Data Design of FIR Dual Filter Banks for Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transforms via LMI Optimization Yu, R.; Baradarani, A. Page(s): 3369-3375

Enforcing Consensus While Monitoring the Environment in Wireless Sensor Networks Braca, P.; Marano, S.; Matta, V. Page(s): 3375-3380

IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing Edics
Page(s): 3381-3381

IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing information for authors
Page(s): 3382-3383

IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing
Page(s): 3384-3384

IEEE Signal Processing Society Information
Page(s): C3-C3