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IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing Volume: 56  Issue: 7   Date: Jul Part 1. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing publication information
Page(s): C2-C2

Sample Eigenvalue Based Detection of High-Dimensional Signals in White Noise Using Relatively Few Samples Nadakuditi, R. R.; Edelman, A. Page(s): 2625-2638

Markov Random Field Detection on Two-Dimensional Intersymbol Interference Channels Zhu, Y.; Cheng, T.; Sivakumar, K.; Belzer, B. J. Page(s): 2639-2648

Sensor Selection and Power Allocation for Distributed Estimation in Sensor Networks: Beyond the Star Topology Thatte, G.; Mitra, U. Page(s): 2649-2661

Nondata-Aided I/Q Mismatch and DC Offset Compensation for Direct-Conversion Receivers Gil, G.-T. Page(s): 2662-2668

Adaptive Signal Decomposition Based on Local Narrow Band Signals
Peng, S.; Hwang, W.-L. Page(s): 2669-2676

Uncertainty Principle for Real Signals in the Linear Canonical Transform Domains
Sharma, K. K.; Joshi, S. D.Page(s): 2677-2683

Semi-Supervised Linear Spectral Unmixing Using a Hierarchical Bayesian Model for Hyperspectral Imagery Dobigeon, N.; Tourneret, J.-Y.; C.-I Page(s): 2684-2695

Consistent Impulse-Response Estimation and System Realization From Noisy Data Reynders, E.; Pintelon, R.; De Roeck, G. Page(s): 2696-2705

Spectral Method of Blind Carrier Tracking for OFDM
Talbot, S. L.; Farhang-Boroujeny, B. Page(s): 2706-2717

Stable Edge-Adaptive Multiscale Decompositions Using Updated Normal Offsets
Jansen, M. Page(s): 2718-2727

Nonuniform Sampling of Periodic Bandlimited Signals
Margolis, E.; Eldar, Y. C. Page(s): 2728-2745

Lattice Algorithm for Adaptive Stable Identification and Robust Reconstruction of Nonstationary AR Processes With Missing Observations
Zgheib, R. F.; Fleury, G. A.; Lahalle, E. Page(s): 2746-2754

Parallel Cyclic Convolution Based on Recursive Formulations of Block Pseudocirculant Matrices Teixeira, M.; Rodriguez, Y. I. Page(s): 2755-2770

The $S$-Transform From a Wavelet Point of View
Ventosa, S.; Simon, C.; Schimmel, M.; Danobeitia, J. J.; Page(s): 2771-2780

Online Kernel-Based Classification Using Adaptive Projection Algorithms
Slavakis, K.; Theodoridis, S.; Yamada, I. Page(s): 2781-2796

Gaussian Mixture Modeling by Exploiting the Mahalanobis Distance
Ververidis, D.; Kotropoulos, C. Page(s): 2797-2811

Adaptive Acoustic Beamformer With Source Tracking Capabilities
Timofeev, S.; Bahai, A. R. S.; Varaiya, P. Page(s): 2812-2820

A Semiblind Channel Estimation Approach for MIMO–OFDM Systems
Wan, F.; Zhu, W.-P.; Swamy, M. N. S. Page(s): 2821-2834

A Geometrical Study of Matching Pursuit Parametrization
Jacques, L.; De Vleeschouwer, C. Page(s): 2835-2848

Gain-Control-Free Near-Efficient Phase Acquisition for QAM Constellations
Panci, G.; Colonnese, S.; Rinauro, S.; Scarano, G. Page(s): 2849-2864

Pilotless Frame Synchronization for LDPC-Coded Transmission Systems
Lee, D.-Uno period after U; Kim, H.; Jones, C. R.; Villasenor, J. D. Page(s): 2865-2874

Global Concave Minimization for Optimal Spectrum Balancing in Multi-User DSL Networks Xu, Y.; Le-Ngoc, T.; Panigrahi, S. Page(s): 2875-2885

Capacity Analysis of MIMO Systems Using Limited Feedback Transmit Precoding Schemes Zheng, J.; Rao, B. D. Page(s): 2886-2901

Lattice-Based Linear Precoding for MIMO Channels With Transmitter CSI
Bergman, S.; Bjorn, B. Page(s): 2902-2914

Further Results on the Capacity and Error Probability Analysis of Noncoherent MIMO Systems in the Low SNR Regime
Beko, M.; Xavier, J.; Barroso, V. A. N. Page(s): 2915-2930

Low-Complexity MIMO Multiuser Receiver: A Joint Antenna Detection Scheme for Time-Varying Channels Dumard, C.; Zemen, T.Page(s): 2931-2940

Differential Modulations for Multinode Cooperative Communications
Himsoon, T.; Siriwongpairat, W. P.; Su, W.; Liu, K. J. R. Page(s): 2941-2956

An Algebraic Coding Scheme for Wireless Relay Networks With Multiple-Antenna Nodes Oggier, F.; Hassibi, B. Page(s): 2957-2966

Channel-Aware Random Access Control for Distributed Estimation in Sensor Networks Hong, Y.-W. P.; Lei, K.-U.; Chi, C.-Y. Page(s): 2967-2980

A Cross-Layer Approach to Collaborative Beamforming for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Dong, L.; Petropulu, A. P.; Poor, H. V. Page(s): 2981-2993

Optimized Power Allocation for Pairwise Cooperative Multiple Access
Mesbah, W.; Davidson, T. N. Page(s): 2994-3008 Digital Object Identifier

FPGA Realization of FIR Filters by Efficient and Flexible Systolization Using Distributed Arithmetic Meher, P. K.; Chandrasekaran, S.;. Page(s): 3009-3017

A Novel Weighted Multidimensional Scaling Analysis for Time-of-Arrival-Based Mobile Location Wei, H.-W.; Wan, Q.; Chen, Z.-X.; Ye, S.-F. Page(s): 3018-3022

Generalized High-Order Phase Function for Parameter Estimation of Polynomial Phase Signal Wang, P.; Djurovic, I.; Yang, J. Page(s): 3023-3028

Efficient Computation of Frame Bounds Using LMI-Based Optimization
Chai, L.; Zhang, J.; Zhang, C.; Mosca, E. Page(s): 3029-3033

Improved MUSIC Under the Coexistence of Both Circular and Noncircular Sources
Gao, F.; Nallanathan, A.; Wang, Y. Page(s): 3033-3038

Stochastic Maximum-Likelihood DOA Estimation in the Presence of Unknown Nonuniform Noise Chen, C. E.; Lorenzelli, F.; Hudson, R. E.; Page(s): 3038-3044

First-Order Perturbation Analysis of Singular Vectors in Singular Value Decomposition Liu, J.; Liu, X.; Ma, X. Page(s): 3044-3049

Linear Multiuser MIMO Transceiver Design With Quality of Service and Per-Antenna Power Constraints Tolli, A.; Codreanu, M.; Juntti, M. Page(s): 3049-3055

IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing Edics
Page(s): 3056-3056

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Page(s): 3057-3058

IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing
Page(s): 3059-3059

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Page(s): C3-C3