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IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing Volume: 56  Issue: 1   Date: Jan. 2008

Table of Contents

Investigation and Performance Enhancement of the Empirical Mode Decomposition Method Based on a Heuristic Search Optimization Approach Kopsinis, Y.; McLaughlin, S. , Page(s): 1-13

An ABORT-Like Detector With Improved Mismatched Signals Rejection Capabilities
Bandiera, F.; Besson, O.; Ricci, G. , Page(s): 14-25

An EM Algorithm for Ion-Channel Current Estimation
Roberts, W.J.J.; Ephraim, Y. , Page(s): 26-33

Covariance Structure Maximum-Likelihood Estimates in Compound Gaussian Noise: Existence and Algorithm Analysis Pascal, F.; Chitour, Y.; Ovarlez, J-P.; Forster, P.; Larzabal, P. , Page(s): 34-48

On Parameter Estimates of the Lossy Wave Equation
Oliphant, T.E. , Page(s): 49-60

Analytic and Asymptotic Analysis of Bayesian CramÉr–Rao Bound for Dynamical Phase Offset Estimation
Bay, S.; Herzet, C.; Brossier, J.-M.; Barbot, J.-P.; Geller, B. , Page(s): 61-70

Bayesian Inference for Linear Dynamic Models With Dirichlet Process Mixtures
Caron, F.; Davy, M.; Doucet, A.; Duflos, E.; Vanheeghe, P. , Page(s): 71-84

One or Two Frequencies? The Empirical Mode Decomposition Answers
Rilling, G.; Flandrin, P. ,Page(s): 85-95

Time Series Modeling by a Second-Order Hammerstein System Le Caillec, J.-M. , Page(s): 96-110

PARAFAC-Based Blind Estimation Of Possibly Underdetermined Convolutive MIMO Systems
Yuanning Yu; Petropulu, A.P. , Page(s): 111-124

Generalized Adaptive Notch Smoothers for Real-Valued Signals and Systems
Niedzwiecki, M.; Sobocinski, A. , Page(s): 125-133

A Discrete Filled Function Method for the Design of FIR Filters With Signed-Powers-of-Two Coefficients
Zhi Guo Feng; Kok Lay Teo , Page(s): 134-139

Incremental Refinement of Computation for the Discrete Wavelet Transform
Andreopoulos, Y.; van der Schaar, M. , Page(s): 140-157

Sampling and Sampling Rate Conversion of Band Limited Signals in the Fractional Fourier Transform Domain
 Ran Tao; Bing Deng; Wei-Qiang Zhang; Yue Wang , Page(s): 158-171

Support Vector Machine Training for Improved Hidden Markov Modeling
Sloin, A.; Burshtein, D., Page(s): 172-188

Universal Switching Linear Least Squares Prediction Kozat, S.S.; Singer, A.C. , Page(s): 189-204

A Bayesian Approach to Adaptive Detection in Nonhomogeneous Environments
Bidon, S.; Besson, O.; Tourneret, J.-Y. , Page(s): 205-217

Range Compression and Waveform Optimization for MIMO Radar: A CramÉr–Rao Bound Based Study
Jian Li; Luzhou Xu; Stoica, P.; Forsythe, K.W.; Bliss, D.W. , Page(s): 218-232
Time Reversal Imaging by Adaptive Interference Canceling Moura, J.M.F.; Yuanwei Jin Page(s): 233-247

Ho Based Semi-Blind Spatial Equalization for MIMO Rayleigh Fading Channels

Zhiguo Ding; Ratnarajah, T.; Cowan, C.F.N. , Page(s): 248-255

The Theory of Quaternion Orthogonal Designs Seberry, J.; Finlayson, K.; Adams, S.S.; Wysocki, T.A.; Tianbing Xia; Wysocki, B.J. , Page(s): 256-265

Soft-Decision Metrics for Coded Orthogonal Signaling in Symmetric Alpha-Stable Noise
Souryal, M.R.; Larsson, E.G.; Peric, B.; Vojcic, B.R. , Page(s): 266-273

Robustness of the Inner–Outer Factorization and of the Spectral Factorization for FIR Data
Boche, H.; Pohl, V. , Page(s): 274-283

Differential UWB Communications With Digital Multicarrier Modulation

Huilin Xu; Liuqing Yang , Page(s): 284-295

Training-Based MIMO Systems: Part II—Improvements Using Detected Symbol Information

Coldrey, M.; Bohlin, P. , Page(s): 296-303

Generalized Parallel Interference Cancellation With Near-Optimal Detection Performance
Zhendong Luo; Ming Zhao; Siyang Liu; Yuanan Liu , Page(s): 304-312

LDC in MIMO Ricean Channels: Optimal Transmit Strategy With MMSE Detection
Sezgin, A.; Jorswieck, E.A.; Costa, E. , Page(s): 313-328

Local Vote Decision Fusion for Target Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
Katenka, N.; Levina, E.; Michailidis, G. , Page(s): 329-338

Performance Analysis of Distributed Detection in a Random Sensor Field
Niu Ruixin; Varshney, P.K. , Page 339-349

Consensus in Ad Hoc WSNs With Noisy Links—Part I: Distributed Estimation of Deterministic Signals
Schizas, I.D.; Ribeiro, A.; Giannakis, G.B. , Page(s): 350-364

On Energy-Based Acoustic Source Localization for Sensor Networks
Meesookho, C.; Mitra, U.; Narayanan, S. , Page(s): 365-377

A Queuing Theoretic Approach to Processor Power Adaptation for Video Decoding Systems
Foo, B.; van der Schaar, M. , Page(s): 378-392

High-Speed VLSI Implementation of 2-D Discrete Wavelet Transform
Chao Cheng; Parhi, K.K. ,Page(s): 393-403

Generating Singular Signals by Filtering Bernoulli Correlated Inputs Picinbono, B. , Page(s): 404-408

Statistical Properties of the Estimated Degree of Polarization Medkour, T.; Walden, A.T. , Page(s): 408-414

Enumeration of Downsampling Lattices in Two-Dimensional Multirate Systems

Zhang Lei; Makur, A. , Page(s): 414-418

Multitarget Detection and Estimation Based on Passive Multilateral TDOAs of Transient Signals

Carevic, D. , Page(s): 418-424

Four-Group Decodable Space–Time Block Codes
Dung Ngoc Dao; Chau Yuen; Tellambura, C.; Yong Liang Guan; Tjeng Thiang Tjhung , Page(s): 424-430

IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing Edics , Page(s): 431-431

IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing information for authors , Page(s): 432-433

9th International Conference on Signal Processing (ICSP'08) , Page(s): 434-434

Quality without compromise , Page(s): 436-436

IEEE Signal Processing Society Information , Page(s): C3-C3