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IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing Volume: 56  Issue: 2   Date: Feb. 2008

Table of Contents

Design and Analysis of Supervised and Decision-Directed Estimators of the MMSE/LCMV Filter in Data Limited Environments
Farrell, J.M.; Psaromiligkos, I.N.; Batalama, S.N.
Page(s): 437-446

Sensor Configuration and Activation for Field Detection in Large Sensor Arrays
Youngchul Sung; Xin Zhang; Lang Tong; Poor, H.V.
Page(s): 447-463

Passive Source Localization Using Time Differences of Arrival and Gain Ratios of Arrival
Ho, K.C.; Ming Sun
Page(s): 464-477

On Estimation of Covariance Matrices With Kronecker Product Structure
Werner, K.; Jansson, M.; Stoica, P.
Page(s): 478-491

Performance of ESPRIT for Estimating Mixtures of Complex Exponentials Modulated by Polynomials
Badeau, R.; Richard, G.; David, B.
Page(s): 492-504

Estimation of Frequency for AM/FM Models Using the Phase Vocoder Framework
Betser, M.; Collen, P.; Richard, G.; David, B.
Page(s): 505-517

From Color Sensor Space to Feasible Reflectance Spectra

Zuffi, S.; Santini, S.; Schettini, R.
Page(s): 518-531

Efficient Subspace-Based Estimator for Localization of Multiple Incoherently Distributed Sources

Zoubir, A.; Yide Wang; Charge, P.
Page(s): 532-542

The Kernel Least-Mean-Square Algorithm
Weifeng Liu; Pokharel, P.P.; Principe, J.C.
Page(s): 543-554

Informed Choice of the LMS Parameters in Super-Resolution Video Reconstruction Applications
Costa, G.H.; Bermudez, J.C.M.
Page(s): 555-564

Nonuniform Subband Adaptive Filtering With Critical Sampling
Petraglia, M.R.; Batalheiro, P.B.
Page(s): 565-575

Reconstruction and Approximation of Multidimensional Signals Described by Proper Orthogonal Decompositions
van Belzen, F.; Weiland, S.
Page(s): 576-587

Perception-Based Data Reduction and Transmission of Haptic Data in Telepresence and Teleaction Systems
Hinterseer, P.; Hirche, S.; Chaudhuri, S.; Steinbach, E.; Buss, M.
Page(s): 588-597

Modified Subspace Algorithms for DoA Estimation With Large Arrays
Mestre, X.; Lagunas, M.A.
Page(s): 598-614

Efficient Adaptive SVD Algorithm for MIMO Applications
Willink, T.J.
Page(s): 615-622

MIMO Radar Space–Time Adaptive Processing Using Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions

Chun-Yang Chen; Vaidyanathan, P.P.
Page(s): 623-635

Progressive Coding of a Gaussian Source Using Matching Pursuit
Shoa, A.; Shirani, S.
Page(s): 636-649

Asymptotic Performance Analysis of Blind Minimum Output Energy Receivers for Large DS-CDMA Systems
Zarifi, K.; Gershman, A.B.
Page(s): 650-663

Non-Data-Aided Symbol Rate Estimation of Linearly Modulated Signals

Mosquera, C.; Scalise, S.; Lopez-Valcarce, R.
Page(s): 664-674

Carrier Frequency Offset Mitigation in Asynchronous Cooperative OFDM Transmissions
Xiaohua Li; Fan Ng; Taewoo Han
Page(s): 675-685

Space–Time Power Schedule for Distributed MIMO Links Without Instantaneous Channel State Information at the Transmitting Nodes

Yue Rong; Yingbo Hua; Swami, A.; Swindlehurst, A.L.
Page(s): 686-701

Blind and Semiblind Channel and Carrier Frequency-Offset Estimation in Orthogonally Space-Time Block Coded MIMO Systems
Shahbazpanahi, S.; Gershman, A.B.; Giannakis, G.B.
Page(s): 702-711

Speeding up the Sphere Decoder With H∞ and SDP Inspired Lower Bounds
Stojnic, M.; Vikalo, H.; Hassibi, B.
Page(s): 712-726

MIMO Relaying With Linear Processing for Multiuser Transmission in Fixed Relay Networks
Chan-Byoung Chae; Taiwen Tang; Heath, R.W.; Sunghyun Cho
Page(s): 727-738

The Chase Family of Detection Algorithms for Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Channels
Waters, D.W.; Barry, J.R.
Page(s): 739-747

Distributed Estimation in Large Wireless Sensor Networks via a Locally Optimum Approach

Marano, S.; Matta, V.; Willett, P.
Page(s): 748-756

Linear Coherent Decentralized Estimation
Jin-Jun Xiao; Shuguang Cui; Zhi-Quan Luo; Goldsmith, A.J.
Page(s): 757-770

Multichannel ALLIANCES: A Cooperative Cross-Layer Scheme for Wireless Networks
Lun Dong; Petropulu, A.P.
Page(s): 771-784

Opportunistic Spectrum Access via Periodic Channel Sensing
Qianchuan Zhao; Geirhofer, S.; Lang Tong; Sadler, B.M.
Page(s): 785-796

Analytical Rate-Distortion-Complexity Modeling of Wavelet-Based Video Coders

Foo, B.; Andreopoulos, Y.; van der Schaar, M.
Page(s): 797-815

Hypothesis Testing for Nonlinearity Detection Based on an MA Model

Le Caillec, J.-M.
Page(s): 816-821

Estimation of Continuous-Time Stochastic Signals From Sample Covariances
Mossberg, M.
Page(s): 821-825

Extended Object Tracking Using Monte Carlo Methods
Angelova, D.; Mihaylova, L.
Page(s): 825-832

On the Sensitivity of the Transmit MIMO Wiener Filter With Respect to Channel and Noise Second-Order Statistics Uncertainties
Tsipouridou, D.; Liavas, A.P.
Page(s): 832-838

Steady-State Performance Analysis of a Variable Tap-Length LMS Algorithm
Yonggang Zhang; Ning Li; Chambers, J.A.; Sayed, A.H.
Page(s): 839-845

Computational Algorithms for Wavelet Identification of Nonlinearities in Hammerstein Systems With Random Inputs
Sliwinski, P.; Hasiewicz, Z.
Page(s): 846-851

A Generalized Transfer-Function Based Array Calibration Technique for Direction Finding
Mir, H.S.
Page(s): 851-855

Design of Frequency Invariant Beamformers for Broadband Arrays
Wei Liu; Weiss, S.
Page(s): 855-860

On the Deterministic CRB for DOA Estimation in Unknown Noise Fields Using Sparse Sensor Arrays
Kleinsteuber, M.; Seghouane, A.-K.
Page(s): 860-864

Noncooperative Eigencoding for MIMO Ad hoc Networks
Duong Hoang; Iltis, R.A.
Page(s): 865-869

IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing Edics

Page(s): 870-870