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IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing Volume: 56  Issue: 8  Part: 1  Date: Aug. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing publication information

Page(s): C2-C2

Error Exponents for the Detection of Gauss–Markov Signals Using Randomly Spaced Sensors
Misra, S.; Tong, L. Page(s): 3385-3396

Fixed-Complexity Soft MIMO Detection via Partial Marginalization
Larsson, E. G.; Jalden, J. Page(s): 3397-3407

MV-PURE Estimator: Minimum-Variance Pseudo-Unbiased Reduced-Rank Estimator for Linearly Constrained Ill-Conditioned Inverse Problems Piotrowski, T.; Yamada, I. Page(s): 3408-3423

Training Sequence Optimization for Joint Channel and Frequency Offset Estimation
Ciblat, P.; Bianchi, P.; Ghogho, M. Page(s): 3424-3436

Fast and Stable YAST Algorithm for Principal and Minor Subspace Tracking
Badeau, R.; Richard, G.; David, B. Page(s): 3437-3446

A Consistent Metric for Performance Evaluation of Multi-Object Filters
Schuhmacher, D.; Vo, B.-T.; Vo, B.-N. Page(s): 3447-3457

CramÉr–Rao Bounds for Multiple Poles and Coefficients of Quasi-Polynomials in Colored Noise
Badeau, R.; David, B.; Richard, G. Page(s): 3458-3467

Random Models for Sparse Signals Expansion on Unions of Bases With Application to Audio Signals
Kowalski, M.; Torresani, B. Page(s): 3468-3481

The Estimation of Laplace Random Vectors in Additive White Gaussian Noise
Selesnick, I. W. Page(s): 3482-3496

Identification of Time-Varying Autoregressive Systems Using Maximum a Posteriori Estimation
Hsiao, T. Page(s): 3497-3509

Array-Based QR-RLS Multichannel Lattice Filtering
Gomes, J.; Barroso, V. A. N. Page(s): 3510-3522

Rational Coefficient Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform: Design and Implementation
Abbas, A.; Tran, T. D. Page(s): 3523-3534

Performance of Linear Field Reconstruction Techniques With Noise and Uncertain Sensor Locations
Nordio, A.; Chiasserini, C.-F.; Viterbo, E. Page(s): 3535-3547

Sparse Representation in Structured Dictionaries With Application to Synthetic Aperture Radar
Varshney, K. R.; Çetin, M.; Fisher, J. W.; Willsky, A. S. Page(s): 3548-3561

Sequency-Ordered Complex Hadamard Transform: Properties, Computational Complexity and Applications
Aung, A.; Ng, B. P.; Rahardja, S. Page(s): 3562-3571

Algebraic Signal Processing Theory: Foundation and 1-D Time
Puschel, M.; Moura, J. M. F. Page(s): 3572-3585

Algebraic Signal Processing Theory: 1-D Space
Puschel, M.; Moura, J. M. F. Page(s): 3586-3599

GLRT-Based Detection-Estimation for Undersampled Training Conditions
Abramovich, Y. I.; Johnson, B. A. Page(s): 3600-3612

Monte Carlo Methods for Channel, Phase Noise, and Frequency Offset Estimation With Unknown Noise Variances in OFDM Systems Septier, F.; Delignon, Y.; Menhaj-Rivenq, A.; Garnier, C. Page(s): 3613-3626

On the Relationship Between MMSE-SIC and BI-GDFE Receivers for Large Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Channels
Liang, Y. -C.; Cheu, E. Y.; Bai, L.; Pan, G. Page(s): 3627-3637

MMSE Interference Suppression in MIMO Frequency Selective and Time-Varying Fading Channels
He, J.; Gu, G.; Wu, Z. Page(s): 3638-3651

Bit and Power Allocation for Goodput Optimization in Coded Parallel Subchannels With ARQ
Devillers, B.; Louveaux, J.; Vandendorpe, L. Page(s): 3652-3661

Tomlinson-Harashima Precoding in MIMO Systems: A Unified Approach to Transceiver Optimization Based on Multiplicative Schur-Convexity
D'Amico, A. A. Page(s): 3662-3677

Statistically Robust Design of Linear MIMO Transceivers
Zhang, X.; Palomar, D. P.; Ottersten, B. Page(s): 3678-3689

Structure of an Optimum Linear Precoder and its Application to ML Equalizer
Lokesh, S.; Kumar, A.; Agrawal, M. Page(s): 3690-3701

Downlink MMSE Transceiver Optimization for Multiuser MIMO Systems: MMSE Balancing
Shi, S.; Schubert, M.; Boche, H. Page(s): 3702-3712

User Selection With Zero-Forcing Beamforming Achieves the Asymptotically Optimal Sum Rate
Wang, J.; Love, D. J.; Zoltowski, M. D. Page(s): 3713-3726

Decentralized Quantized Kalman Filtering With Scalable Communication Cost
Msechu, E. J.; Roumeliotis, S. I.; Ribeiro, A.; Giannakis, G. B. Page(s): 3727-3741

On Bounds and Algorithms for Frequency Synchronization for Collaborative Communication Systems
Parker, P. A.; Mitran, P.; Bliss, D. W.; Tarokh, V. Page(s): 3742-3752

Coding With Side Information for Rate-Constrained Consensus
Yildiz, M. E.; Scaglione, A. Page(s): 3753-3764

Maximum-Likelihood Estimation of Delta-Domain Model Parameters From Noisy Output Signals
Kadirkamanathan, V.; Anderson, S. R. Page(s): 3765-3770

An Efficient Structure for the Design of Variable Fractional Delay Filters Based on the Windowing Method
Selva, J. Page(s): 3770-3775

Equivalent Complex Baseband Representations of Linear Time-Variant Systems and Signals
Yoo, D.-S. Page(s): 3775-3778

Stratification Effect Compensation for Improved Underwater Acoustic Ranging
Berger, C. R.; Zhou, S.; Willett, P.; Liu, L. Page(s): 3779-3783

On Reduced-Complexity Equalization Based on Ungerboeck and Forney Observation Models
Loncar, M.; Rusek, F. Page(s): 3784-3789

An Efficient Carrier Phase Synchronization Technique for High-Order M-QAM–OFDM
Kim, K. Y.; Zou, Q.; Choi, H. J.; Sayed, A. H. Page(s): 3789-3794

Improved Zero-Padding Method for Rapid Long PN-Code Acquisition
Li, H.; Lu, M.; Feng, Z. Page(s): 3795-3799

Correction to “SDMA With a Sum Feedback Rate Constraint”
Huang, K.; Heath, R. W.; Andrews, J. G. Page(s): 3800-3801

A Jump Markov Particle Filter for Localization of Moving Terminals in Multipath Indoor Scenarios
Nicoli, M.; Morelli, C.; Rampa, V. Page(s): 3801-3809

IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing Edics
Page(s): 3810-3810

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Page(s): 3811-3812

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Page(s): C3-C3