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IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing Volume: 56  Issue: 4   Date: April. 2008

Table of Contents

Bayesian Filtering With Random Finite Set Observations  Vo, B.-T.; Vo, B.-N.; Cantoni, A. , Page(s): 1313-1326

A Unifying Discussion of Correlation Analysis for Complex Random Vectors Schreier, P. J. , Page(s): 1327-1336

A Basic Convergence Result for Particle Filtering Hu, X.-L.; Schon, T. B.; Ljung, L. , Page(s): 1337-1348

Polarimetric Detection of Targets in Heavy Inhomogeneous Clutter Hurtado, M.; Nehorai, A. , Page(s): 1349-1361

Decentralized Detection With Censoring Sensors Appadwedula, S.; Veeravalli, V. V.; Jones, D. L , Page:1362-1373

Oblique Projections for Direction-of-Arrival Estimation With Prior Knowledge ,Boyer, R.; Page(s): 1374-1387

A Minimax Chebyshev Estimator for Bounded Error Estimation Eldar, Y. C.; Beck, A.; Teboulle, M , Page: 1388-1397

Constrained Decentralized Estimation Over Noisy Channels for Sensor Networks
Aysal, T. C.; Barner, K. E. , Page(s): 1398-1410

Variable Step-Size LMS Algorithm for Fractal Signals Gupta, A.; Joshi, S. , Page(s): 1411-1420

Compact CramÉr–Rao Bound Expression for Independent Component Analysis
Ollila, E.; Kim, H.-J.; Koivunen, V. , Page(s): 1421-1428

Heteroscedastic Low-Rank Matrix Approximation by the Wiberg Algorithm
Chen, P. , Page(s): 1429-1439

A New Nonstationarity Detector Kay, S. , Page(s): 1440-1451

Fast and Stable Subspace Tracking Doukopoulos, X. G.; Moustakides, G. V. , Page(s): 1452-1465

A Mapping-Based Design for Nonsubsampled Hourglass Filter Banks in Arbitrary Dimensions
Lu, Y. M.; Do, M. N. , Page(s): 1466-1478

Time-Scale Modification of Speech Signals Ninness, B.; Henriksen, S. J. , Page(s): 1479-1488

Approximating Functions From Sampled Fourier Data Using Spline Pseudofilters
Martinez, A. G.; De Pierro, A. R. , Page(s): 1489-1501

Algebraic Signal Processing Theory: Cooley–Tukey Type Algorithms for DCTs and DSTs

Puschel, M.; Moura, J.M.F., Page(s): 1502-1521

Fast Complexified Quaternion Fourier Transform
Said, S.; Le Bihan, N.; Sangwine, S. J., Page(s): 1522-1531

Robustness of Adaptive Narrowband Beamforming With Respect to Bandwidth

Oudin, M.; Delmas, J. P., Page(s): 1532-1538

Robust Beamforming via Worst-Case SINR Maximization
Kim, S.-J.; Magnani, A.; Mutapcic, A.; Boyd, S. P.; Luo, Z.-Q. , Page(s): 1539-1547

A Proof of Convergence of the MAP Turbo-Detector to the AWGN Case

Sellami, N.; Roumy, A.; Fijalkow, I., Page(s): 1548-1561

Blind Deconvolution of DS-CDMA Signals by Means of Decomposition in Rank-(1,L,L) Terms
De Lathauwer, L.; de Baynast, A. , Page(s): 1562-1571

Finite-Sample Performance Analysis of Widely Linear Multiuser Receivers for DS-CDMA Systems
Cacciapuoti, A. S.; Gelli, G.; Paura, L.; Verde, F. , Page(s): 1572-1588

Adaptive Arrays for Broadband Communications in the Presence of Unknown Co-Channel Interference
Zheng, X.; Stoica, P.; Li, J.; Wu, R. , Page(s): 1589-1600

Sinusoidal Modeling and Adaptive Channel Prediction in Mobile OFDM Systems
Wong, I. C.; Evans, B. L. , Page(s): 1601-1615

Novel Low-Density Signature for Synchronous CDMA Systems Over AWGN Channel
Hoshyar, R.; Wathan, F. P.; Tafazolli, R. , Page(s): 1616-1626

Local Polynomial Fourier Transform Receiver for Nonstationary Interference Excision in DSSS Communications
Djukanovic, S.; Dakovic, M.; Stankovic, L. , Page(s): 1627-1636

Maximum-Likelihood Detection of Orthogonal Space-Time Block Coded OFDM in Unknown Block Fading Channels
Chang, T.-H.; Ma, W.-K.; Chi, C.-Y. , Page(s): 1637-1649

Consensus in Ad Hoc WSNs With Noisy Links—Part II: Distributed Estimation and Smoothing of Random Signals
Schizas, I. D.; Giannakis, G. B.; Roumeliotis, S. I.; Ribeiro, A. , Page(s): 1650-1666

Distributed Decision Through Self-Synchronizing Sensor Networks in the Presence of Propagation Delays and Asymmetric Channels Scutari, G.; Barbarossa, S.; Pescosolido, L. , Page(s): 1667-1684

On Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Clock Offset and Skew in Networks With Exponential Delays
Chaudhari, Q. M.; Serpedin, E.; Qaraqe, K. , Page(s): 1685-1697

A Rough Programming Approach to Power-Balanced Instruction Scheduling for VLIW Digital Signal Processors
Xiao, S.; Lai, E. M.-K. , Page(s): 1698-1709

Estimation of Multicomponent Polynomial Phase Signals With Missing Observations
Pham, D. S.; Zoubir, A. M. , Page(s): 1710-1715

Corrections to “Performance Analysis of the FastICA Algorithm and CramÉr–Rao Bounds for Linear Independent Component Analysis” Tichavsky, P.; Koldovsky, Z.; Oja, E. , Page(s): 1715-1716

Hilbert Pair of Orthogonal Wavelet Bases: Revisiting the Condition Tay, D. B. H. , Page(s): 1716-1721

A Low Complexity Euclidean Norm Approximation Seol, C.; Cheun, K. , Page(s): 1721-1726

The Hybrid CramÉr–Rao Bound on Broadside DOA Estimation of Extended Sources in Presence of Array Errors
Pardini, M.; Lombardini, F.; Gini, F. ,Page(s): 1726-1730

A Cholesky Factorization Based Approach for Blind FIR Channel Identification
Choi, J.; Lim, C.. , Page: 1730-1735

MMSE WL Equalizer in Presence of Receiver IQ Imbalance , Mattera, D.; Paura, L.; Sterle, F. Page(s): 1735-1740

Distributed Structures, Sequential Optimization, and Quantization for Detection
Lexa, M. A.; Johnson, D. H., Page(s): 1740-1745

IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing Edics , Page(s): 1746-1746

IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing information for authors , Page(s): 1747-1748

IEEE Signal Processing Society Information , Page(s): C3-C3