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IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence—September 2008 (Vol. 30, No. 9)  

Table of Contents

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Introduction of New Associate Editors
David J. Kriegman, David Fleet, Zoubin Ghahraman


Global Models for the Orientation Field of Fingerprints: An Approach Based on Quadratic Differentials
Stephan Huckemann, Thomas Hotz, Axel Munk

Design of Multimodal Dissimilarity Spaces for Retrieval of Video Documents
Eric Bruno, Nicolas Moenne-Loccoz, Stéphane Marchand-Maillet

Feature Selection with Kernel Class Separability
Lei Wang

Out-of-Sample Extrapolation of Learned Manifolds
Tat-Jun Chin, David Suter

Query by Transduction
Shen-Shyang Ho, Harry Wechsler

Bittracker —A Bitmap Tracker for Visual Tracking under Very General Conditions
Ido Leichter, Michael Lindenbaum, Ehud Rivlin

Inferring Segmented Dense Motion Layers Using 5D Tensor Voting
Changki Min, Gérard Medioni

Multiple-View Geometry under the L_{\infty} -Norm
Fredrik Kahl, Richard Hartley

Class-Based Feature Matching across Unrestricted Transformations
Evgeniy Bart, Shimon Ullman

Randomized Clustering Forests for Image Classification
Frank Moosmann, Eric Nowak, Frederic Jurie

Effective Proximity Retrieval by Ordering Permutations
Edgar Chavez, Karina Figueroa, Gonzalo Navarro

Measuring Spatiotemporal Dependencies in Bivariate Temporal Random Sets with Applications to Cell Biology
Ester Díaz, Rafael Sebastian, Guillermo Ayala, María Elena Díaz, Roberto Zoncu, Derek Toomre, Stéphane Gasman

Short Notes

Principal Component Analysis Based on L1-Norm Maximization
Nojun Kwak

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