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IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence—May 2008 (Vol. 30, No. 5)

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A Comparative Study of Staff Removal Algorithms
Christoph Dalitz, Michael Droettboom, Bastian Pranzas, Ichiro Fujinaga

Markov Random Field-Based Statistical Character Structure Modeling for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
Jia Zeng, Zhi-Qiang Liu

Superquadric Segmentation in Range Images via Fusion of Region and Boundary Information
Dimitrios Katsoulas, Christian Cea Bastidas, Dimitrios Kosmopoulos

Riemannian Manifold Learning
Tong Lin, Hongbin Zha

Efficient Multiclass ROC Approximation by Decomposition via Confusion Matrix Perturbation Analysis
Thomas C.W. Landgrebe, Robert P.W. Duin

Theoretical Foundations of Spatially-Variant Mathematical Morphology Part I: Binary Images
Nidhal Bouaynaya, Mohammed Charif-Chefchaouni

Theoretical Foundations of Spatially-Variant Mathematical Morphology Part II: Gray-Level Images
Nidhal Bouaynaya, Dan Schonfeld

Coarse-to-Fine Segmentation and Tracking Using Sobolev Active Contours
Ganesh Sundaramoorthi, Anthony Yezzi, Andrea C. Mennucci

A Factorization-Based Approach for Articulated Nonrigid Shape, Motion, and Kinematic Chain Recovery from Video
Jingyu Yan, Marc Pollefeys

Nonrigid Structure-from-Motion: Estimating Shape and Motion with Hierarchical Priors
Lorenzo Torresani, Aaron Hertzmann, Christoph Bregler

Video Behavior Profiling for Anomaly Detection
Tao Xiang, Shaogang Gong

Modeling, Clustering, and Segmenting Video with Mixtures of Dynamic Textures
Antoni B. Chan, Nuno Vasconcelos

Call for Papers

Call for Papers for Special Issue on Probabilistic Graphical Models in Computer Vision


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Correction to "MAC: Magnetostatic Active Contour Model:"
Xianghua Xie, Majid Mirmehdi

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