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IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence—June 2008 (Vol. 30, No. 6)

Table of Contents

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Singular Points Detection Based on Zero-Pole Model in Fingerprint Images
Lingling Fan, Shuguang Wang, Hongfa Wang, Tiande Guo

Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking of Six-Page Segmentation Algorithms
Faisal Shafait, Daniel Keysers, Thomas M. Breuel

A Hierarchical Compositional Model for Face Representation and Sketching
Zijian Xu, Hong Chen, Song-Chun Zhu, Jiebo Luo

Tied Factor Analysis for Face Recognition across Large Pose Differences
Simon J.D. Prince, James H. Elder, Jonathan Warrell, Fatima M. Felisberti

Real-Time Computerized Annotation of Pictures
Jia Li, James Z. Wang

Geometry-Based Image Retrieval in Binary Image Databases
Naif Alajlan, Mohamed S. Kamel, George H. Freeman

Edge-Preserving Filtering of Images with Low Photon Counts
John A. Lee, Xavier Geets, Vincent Grégoire, Anne Bol

Multilayered 3D LiDAR Image Construction Using Spatial Models in a Bayesian Framework
Sergio Hernandez-Marin, Andrew M. Wallace, Gavin J. Gibson

Subclass Problem-Dependent Design for Error-Correcting Output Codes
Sergio Escalera, David M.J. Tax, Oriol Pujol, Petia Radeva, Robert P.W. Duin

Triplet Markov Fields for the Classification of Complex Structure Data
Juliette Blanchet, Florence Forbes

A Comparative Study of Energy Minimization Methods for Markov Random Fields with Smoothness-Based Priors
Richard Szeliski, Ramin Zabih, Daniel Scharstein, Olga Veksler, Vladimir Kolmogorov, Aseem Agarwala, Marshall Tappen, Carsten Rother

Optical Flow and Advection on 2-Riemannian Manifolds: A Common Framework
Julien Lefèvre, Sylvain Baillet

Geometric Observers for Dynamically Evolving Curves
Marc Niethammer, Patricio A. Vela, Allen Tannenbaum

Short Papers

Glove-Based Approach to Online Signature Verification
Nidal S. Kamel, Shohel Sayeed, Grant A. Ellis


On Distributional Assumptions and Whitened Cosine Similarities
Marco Loog

Clarification of Assumptions in the Relationship between the Bayes Decision Rule and the Whitened Cosine Similarity Measure
Chengjun Liu


Correction to "Gaussian Process Dynamical Models for Human Motion"
Jack M. Wang, David J. Fleet, Aaron Hertzmann

Call for Papers

Call for papers for Special Section on Shape Analysis and Its Applications in Image Understanding


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