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IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence—July 2008 (Vol. 30, No. 7)

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Regular Papers

Bayes Classification of Online Arabic Characters by Gibbs Modeling of Class Conditional Densities
Neila Mezghani, Amar Mitiche, Mohamed Cheriet

Constrained Connectivity for Hierarchical Image Partitioning and Simplification
Pierre Soille

TRUST-TECH-Based Expectation Maximization for Learning Finite Mixture Models
Chandan K. Reddy, Hsiao-Dong Chiang, Bala Rajaratnam

A Fast Algorithm for Learning a Ranking Function from Large-Scale Data Sets
Vikas C. Raykar, Ramani Duraiswami, Balaji Krishnapuram

Motion Segmentation and Depth Ordering Using an Occlusion Detector
Doron Feldman, Daphna Weinshall

Sequential Kernel Density Approximation and Its Application to Real-Time Visual Tracking
Bohyung Han, Dorin Comaniciu, Ying Zhu, Larry S. Davis

Segmentation and Tracking of Multiple Humans in Crowded Environments
Tao Zhao, Ram Nevatia, Bo Wu

Tracking the Visual Focus of Attention for a Varying Number of Wandering People
Kevin Smith, Sileye O. Ba, Jean-Marc Odobez, Daniel Gatica-Perez

Universal and Adapted Vocabularies for Generic Visual Categorization
Florent Perronnin

Discriminative Feature Co-Occurrence Selection for Object Detection
Takeshi Mita, Toshimitsu Kaneko, Björn Stenger, Osamu Hori

Multiscale Categorical Object Recognition Using Contour Fragments
Jamie Shotton, Andrew Blake, Roberto Cipolla

Path Similarity Skeleton Graph Matching
Xiang Bai, Longin Jan Latecki

A Theoretical Analysis of Bagging as a Linear Combination of Classifiers
Giorgio Fumera, Fabio Roli, Alessandra Serrau

Inverse Compositional Estimation of 3D Pose and Lighting in Dynamic Scenes
Yilei Xu, Amit K. Roy-Chowdhury

Balanced Exploration and Exploitation Model Search for Efficient Epipolar Geometry Estimation
Liran Goshen, Ilan Shimshoni

Depth Map Calculation for a Variable Number of Moving Objects Using Markov Sequential Object Processes
M.N.M. van Lieshout

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