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IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence—February 2008 (Vol. 30, No. 2)

Table of Contents

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Editorial-State of the Transactions

Introduction of New Editors

Regular Papers

A Theory of Frequency Domain Invariants: Spherical Harmonic Identities for BRDF/Lighting Transfer and Image Consistency Dhruv Mahajan, Ravi Ramamoorthi, Brian Curless

Three-View Multibody Structure from Motion
René Vidal, Richard Hartley

A Closed-Form Solution to Natural Image Matting
Anat Levin, Dani Lischinski, Yair Weiss

K-Nearest Neighbor Finding Using MaxNearestDist
Hanan Samet

Weighted Pseudometric Discriminatory Power Improvement Using a Bayesian Logistic Regression Model Based on a Variational Method Riadh Ksantini, Djemel Ziou, Bernard Colin, Francois Dubeau

Multicamera People Tracking with a Probabilistic Occupancy Map
François Fleuret, Jérôme Berclaz, Richard Lengagne, Pascal Fua

Gaussian Process Dynamical Models for Human Motion
Jack M. Wang, David J. Fleet, Aaron Hertzmann

Automatic Estimation and Removal of Noise from a Single Image
Ce Liu, Richard Szeliski, Sing Bing Kang, C. Lawrence Zitnick, William T. Freeman

Plane-Based Optimization for 3D Object Reconstruction from Single Line Drawings
Jianzhuang Liu, Liangliang Cao, Zhenguo Li

Stereo Processing by Semiglobal Matching and Mutual Information
Heiko Hirschmüller

Short Papers

Likelihood Ratio-Based Biometric Score Fusion
Karthik Nandakumar

MultiK-MHKS: A Novel Multiple Kernel Learning Algorithm
Zhe Wang, Songcan Chen, Tingkai Sun

Bayesian-Competitive Consistent Labeling for People Surveillance
Simone Calderara, Rita Cucchiara, Andrea Prati

Trajectory Association across Multiple Airborne Cameras
Yaser Ajmal Sheikh


Trajectory Association across Multiple Airborne Cameras

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