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IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence—August 2008 (Vol. 30, No. 8)

Table of Contents

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Script-Independent Text Line Segmentation in Freestyle Handwritten Documents
Yi Li, Yefeng Zheng, David Doermann, Stefan Jaeger

Analysis of Head Gesture and Prosody Patterns for Prosody-Driven Head-Gesture Animation
Mehmet Emre Sargin, Yücel Yemez, Engin Erzin, A. Murat Tekalp

Deformation Modeling for Robust 3D Face Matching
Xiaoguang Lu, Anil K. Jain

Learning Local Objective Functions for Robust Face Model Fitting
Matthias Wimmer, Freek Stulp, Sylvia Pietzsch, Bernd Radig

A Discriminative Kernel-Based Model to Rank Images from Text Queries
David Grangier, Samy Bengio

A Framework for Image Segmentation Using Shape Models and Kernel Space Shape Priors
Samuel Dambreville, Yogesh Rathi, Allen Tannenbaum

A Variational Framework for Multiregion Pairwise-Similarity-Based Image Segmentation
Luca Bertelli, Baris Sumengen, B.S. Manjunath, Frédéric Gibou

Learning Flexible Features for Conditional Random Fields
Liam Stewart, Xuming He, Richard S. Zemel

Robust Real-Time Pattern Matching Using Bayesian Sequential Hypothesis Testing
Ofir Pele, Michael Werman

Metamorphs: Deformable Shape and Appearance Models
Xiaolei Huang, Dimitris N. Metaxas

Subpixel Photometric Stereo
Ping Tan, Stephen Lin, Long Quan

Optimal Randomized RANSAC
Ondřej Chum, Jiří Matas

Short Notes

Random Field Model for Integration of Local Information and Global Information
Takahiro Toyoda, Osamu Hasegawa

Twin Kernel Embedding
Yi Guo, Junbin Gao, Paul W. Kwan

Simplifying Mixture Models Using the Unscented Transform
Jacob Goldberger, Hayit Greenspan, Jeremie Dreyfuss


Comments on "Globally Maximizing, Locally Minimizing: Unsupervised Discriminant Projection with Application to Face and Palm Biometrics”
Weihong Deng, Jiani Hu, Jun Guo, Honggang Zhang, Chuang Zhang

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