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IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems—August 2008 (Vol. 19, No. 8)

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Mutual Anonymity for Mobile P2P Systems
Jinsong Han, Yunhao Liu

On Sustained QoS Guarantees in Operated IEEE 802.11 Wireless LANs
Abdelhamid Nafaa, Adlen Ksentini

Continuous Delivery Message Dissemination Problems under the Multicasting Communication Mode
Teofilo F. Gonzalez

Extending the TokenCMP Cache Coherence Protocol for Low Overhead Fault Tolerance in CMP Architectures
Ricardo Fernández-Pascual, José M. García, Manuel E. Acacio, José Duato

Implementation of Distributed Floor Control Protocols on Overlay Networks
Shankar M. Banik, Sridhar Radhakrishnan, Venkatesh Sarangan, Chandra N. Sekharan

Embedding Long Paths in k-Ary n-Cubes with Faulty Nodes and Links
Iain A. Stewart, Yonghong Xiang

Evaluating Dynamic Task Mapping in Network Processor Runtime Systems
Xin Huang, Tilman Wolf

A Tree-Based Peer-to-Peer Network with Quality Guarantees
Hung-Chang Hsiao, Chih-Peng He

A Framework to Provide Quality of Service over Advanced Switching
Raúl Martínez, Francisco J. Alfaro, José L. Sánchez

Strategyproof Mechanisms for Scheduling Divisible Loads in Bus-Networked Distributed Systems
Thomas E. Carroll, Daniel Grosu

Analysis of Distributed Random Grouping for Aggregate Computation on Wireless Sensor Networks with Randomly Changing Graphs
Jen-Yeu Chen, Jianghai Hu

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Call for Papers for a Special Issue on Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems


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