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IEEE Transactions Neural Networks Volume: 19  Issue: 9  Date: Sep. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks publication information Page(s): C2-C2

Data Visualization and Dimensionality Reduction Using Kernel Maps With a Reference Point
Suykens, J.A.K. Page(s): 1501-1517

Decision Manifolds—A Supervised Learning Algorithm Based on Self-Organization

Polzlbauer, G.; Lidy, T.; Rauber, A. Page(s): 1518-1530

Hybrid Multiobjective Evolutionary Design for Artificial Neural Networks
Chi-Keong Goh; Eu-Jin Teoh; Kay Chen Tan Page(s): 1531-1548

A Neural-Network-Based Model for the Dynamic Simulation of the Tire/Suspension System While Traversing Road Irregularities
Guarneri, P.; Rocca, G.; Gobbi, M. Page(s): 1549-1563

Analysis of the Initial Values in Split-Complex Backpropagation Algorithm
Sheng-Sung Yang; Siu, S.; Chia-Lu Ho, Page(s): 1564-1573

An Instance-Based Algorithm With Auxiliary Similarity Information for the Estimation of Gait Kinematics From Wearable Sensors Goulermas, J.Y.; Findlow, A.H.; Nester, C.J.;  Page(s): 1574-1582

Kernel Component Analysis Using an Epsilon-Insensitive Robust Loss Function
Alzate, C.; Suykens, J., Page(s): 1583-1598

Adaptive Predictive Control Using Neural Network for a Class of Pure-Feedback Systems in Discrete Time
Shuzhi Sam Ge; Chenguang Yang; Tong Heng Lee , Page(s): 1599-1614

Feedback-Linearization-Based Neural Adaptive Control for Unknown Nonaffine Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems
Hua Deng; Han-Xiong Li; Yi-Hu Wu, Page(s): 1615-1625

Training Spiking Neuronal Networks With Applications in Engineering Tasks
Rowcliffe, P.; Jianfeng Feng , Page(s): 1626-1640

A Hybrid ART-GRNN Online Learning Neural Network With a $varepsilon$ -Insensitive Loss Function
Keem Siah Yap; Chee Peng Lim; Abidi, I.Z, Page(s): 1641-1646

Delay-Dependent Stability for Recurrent Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delays
Hanyong Shao Page(s): 1647-1651

A Fast and Scalable Recurrent Neural Network Based on Stochastic Meta Descent
Zhenzhen Liu; Elhanany, I.
Page(s): 1652-1658

Symmetric Complex-Valued RBF Receiver for Multiple-Antenna-Aided Wireless Systems

Shenq Chen; Lajos Hanzo; Tan, S. Page(s): 1659-1665

Call for Papers 2009 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks-IJCNN2009

Page(s): 1664-1664

IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Information Page(s): C3-C3