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IEEE Transactions Neural Networks Volume: 19  Issue:10  Date: Oct. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks publication information Page(s): C2-C2

A Nonfeasible Gradient Projection Recurrent Neural Network for Equality-Constrained Optimization Problems Barbarosou, M. P.; Maratos, N. G.Page(s): 1665-1677

Extrapolative Delay Compensation Through Facilitating Synapses and Its Relation to the Flash-Lag Effect
Lim, H.; Choe, Y. Page(s): 1678-1688

Adaptive-Fourier-Neural-Network-Based Control for a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems
Zuo, W.; Cai, L. Page(s): 1689-1701

Adaptive Dynamic Inversion via Time-Scale Separation Hovakimyan, N.; Lavretsky, E.; Cao, C.
Page(s): 1702-1711

Adaptive Output Feedback Control of Flexible-Joint Robots Using Neural Networks: Dynamic Surface Design Approach Yoo, S. J.; Park, J. B.; Choi, Y. H. Page(s): 1712-1726

IMORL: Incremental Multiple-Object Recognition and Localization
He, H.; Chen, S. Page(s): 1727-1738

The Correspondence Between Deterministic and Stochastic Digital Neurons: Analysis and Methodology
Geretti, L.; Abramo, A. Page(s): 1739-1752

A New Solution Path Algorithm in Support Vector Regression
Wang, G.; Yeung, D.-Y.; Lochovsky, F. H. Page(s): 1753-1767

Generalized Linear Discriminant Analysis: A Unified Framework and Efficient Model Selection

Ji, S.; Ye, J. Page(s): 1768-1782

New Delay-Dependent Stability Results for Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delay
Zhu, X.-L.; Yang, G.-H. Page(s): 1783-1791

Pruning Support Vector Machines Without Altering Performances

Liang, X.; Chen, R.-C.; Guo, X. Page(s): 1792-1803

Quasi-Lagrangian Neural Network for Convex Quadratic Optimization
Costantini, G.; Perfetti, R.; Todisco, M. Page(s): 1804-1809

Global $mu$ -Synchronization of Linearly Coupled Unbounded Time-Varying Delayed Neural Networks With Unbounded Delayed Coupling Chen, T.; Wu, W.; Zhou, W. Page(s): 1809-1816

Boltzmann Machines Reduction by High-Order Decimation
Farguell, E.; Mazzanti, F.; Gomez-Ramirez, E. Page(s): 1816-1821

Matrix-Variate Factor Analysis and Its Applications
Xie, X.; Yan, S.; Kwok, J. T.; Huang, T. S. Page(s): 1821-1826

Nonlinear Knowledge-Based Classification Mangasarian, O. L.; Wild, E. W. Page(s): 1826-1832

Local Classifier Weighting by Quadratic Programming Cevikalp, H.; Polikar, R. Page(s): 1832-1838

Nonlinear Dynamic Modeling of Physiological Systems$break$  Marmarellis, V. Z., Page(s): 1839-1840

IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Information Page(s): C3-C3